September White Flowers

September White Flowers

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Question: September White Flowers

Hello everybody. I'm getting married in September (the 22nd) and I'd like advice on the flowers to choose. I would like white flowers, perhaps in a composition with green (I like ivy for example). What are the white flowers of September? The ceremony will be in a small stone church and lunch in a beautiful outdoor garden, so I would like something simple, pretty and natural. Thanks in advance :)

Answer: September White Flowers

Dear Valeria,
I state that by now most of the flowers on the market are produced in greenhouses, often in the Netherlands, and therefore "out of season" flowers are also available at any time of the year. In particular, some flowers, such as spring bulbous plants, tend to be available out of season only on request, instead flowers like roses are usually available all year round, even in January with frost, or in August with a beastly heat.
Therefore, consider that if you see a bouquet that you like in a magazine or on the internet, you can ask the florist to make it the same again, whatever flower it is made of.
In September, however, many plants bloom; surely the most numerous are chrysanthemums of all kinds and stars; don't necessarily think about the flowers for the cemetery, the chrysanthemums are simply daisies, and so you could think of bunches of daisies or gerberas, which even if white over and pure and neutral, are very cheerful, as are the stars. In addition to the daisies in September you can find the calla lilies, both small and pink, and the large, white ones; they are not bulky flowers, but definitely elegant. Japanese anemones also bloom in September, there are completely white ones, or with white petals and a central disc in contrasting color.
The emerocallidi are the most pleasant summer and autumn flowers, they seem strange lilies, and there are different colors; you will hardly find it white, but you could use pinkish emerocallidi, to mix with the white flowers, or some striated variety, or in the cream or pastel tones.