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Fall unripe fruits

Fall unripe fruits

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Question: premature fruit fall

Apricot tree, why do premature still unripe fruits fall?

Falling premature fruits: Answer: premature fruit fall

Dear Thomas,
fruit drop is a frequent occurrence, which may not indicate an actual problem with your plant; it sometimes happens that a plant, especially if very young, has produced an excessive number of fruits, many more than those that could lead to maturation; in these cases, plants often lose a good part, or even all, of the fruits, so as not to succumb to the burden of having to ripen all those fruits. Another reason that leads to the fall is the lack of pollination of the flowers, due to various causes, such as excessive rain during flowering; in this case, the plant does not ripen the fruits, because they do not contain seeds, and therefore do not serve to perpetuate the species; as if they were "wasted time".
In addition to this, it happens that the fruits fall on the occasion of excessive watering in conjunction with excessive fertilization; the plant has so many salts and lots of water available, to be able to develop the foliage much; in this case it happens that some plants give up to complete the fruits, to use their strengths in the production of a wide crown.
Besides all these physiological problems, there are also pests and diseases, which you should however notice on the plant. If you do not notice small flies or aphids, or irregular spots on fruits or leaves, the fruits of your apricot are falling for other reasons. It could also be, on the contrary, that your plant is suffering from a lack of watering, due to an excessively hot or cold climate, or even to have been treated with unsuitable products, all these reasons sometimes lead to the premature fall of the fruits, again completely immature.


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