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Lemon plant

Lemon plant

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Question: lemon plant

hello I would like to know how I can heal a dried lemon plant from a wrong plant disinfectant; but the lemons are still on the branches and the new flowers have sprung up; first of all this was a plant / tree with an immense lemon blossom I hope you will help me to revive my plant thanks

Answer: lemon tree

Dear Giuseppina,
the fact that your lemon plant has preserved its fruits and is even in bloom, means that the wrong product has only ruined the leaves, without damaging the whole plant. Now, as now, it is better to remove all the fruits, after all they will also rip off from the plant; a plant full of fruits spends so many energies to bring them to maturity, and your defoliated lemon should now spend these energies for the leaves and not for the fruits. After removing the fruit, continue to grow the lemon in the usual way, it should quickly start producing new foliage. Don't forget the fertilizations, especially now, because your lemon will need a little mineral salts in the soil to grow luxuriantly. In fact, even the evergreen plants lose their leaves, but generally not all together, a few at a time; in this case it is as if your lemon, to respond to the stress of the wrong product, has eliminated all the vegetative parts that had been affected. It is a sort of immune response, we could compare it to our sun-reddened skin.
Then, continue with the normal cultivation treatments: fertilizer from March to September, every 12-15 days; regular watering, especially when the climate is very dry and hot, but always waiting for the soil to dry perfectly between two waterings, avoiding harmful stagnation. In addition, you can spread shredded lupins, which act as fertilizer, on the ground around the stem, but also to improve the texture of the soil.