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Sick Spathiphyllum

Sick Spathiphyllum

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Question: is my spatifillo sick?

Good evening,
I am writing about my plan. I have a spatifillo for a month in the semi-darkness area and it is a week that both the leaves and the flowers are stained with brown and on the ground there is white mold ... I am very denied with plants. What do you think it can be? How can I solve the problem?
Thanks in advance.

Sick Spathiphyllum: Answer

Dear Daniela,
the spatifillo is a houseplant of tropical origin; in nature it is used to a humid and cool climate, with a good brightness. It can easily withstand areas in half-shade, and even a few days of drought; what he does not like is water stagnation, which can quickly promote the development of mold and rot, which can also kill the plant. It is grown in fairly small containers, avoiding leaving the plant in very large pots, where it would produce only leaves and very few flowers; the flowers do not appear even in the specimens cultivated in decidedly shady or dark areas. From March to September it is watered regularly, but it is good practice to avoid excesses, and intervene only when the soil tends to melt, also avoiding leaving stagnant water in the saucer. Generally we water about once a week, but a lot depends on the climate. It is very useful to the plant, in summer, to be taken outdoors, in a well-ventilated area, and bright, but not with direct sunlight. Clear that, a plant in a small vase on the terrace of July, could need additional watering. To find out if it's time to water, dip a finger in the soil, if it is moist and cool, return to watering. Right now you should remove all the diseased leaves (even if they seem very many to you), repotting the plant with good universal soil, and move it to a shaded area of ​​the terrace. Every 12-15 days, from March to September, provide fertilizer for green plants. During the autumn and winter months, avoid fertilizing and water only sporadically. If you notice water in the saucer on the day after watering, throw it away.


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