Meadow under the pines

Meadow under the pines

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Question: what turf under the pines?

I have big pines under which I would like to have a lawn, could there be problems?

Lawn under the pines: Answer: the lawn under the pines

Dear Rossella,
the seeds for the lawn are sold in mixtures, where seeds of the graminaceous plants are suitable to live in different places; in fact, the grasses that make up the lawns are varied, some more suited to areas very exposed to the sun, others more suitable for areas exposed to shade or partial shade. Below pines, or in any case of evergreen conifers, there is a dense shade, so it is good to put a turf in its place that contains specific seeds for the shade. Once planted this lawn will however be treated very conscientiously, for some reasons.
First of all, most of the plants that love to live in the shade (let's try to think of azaleas), also love to have a cool and humid climate; unfortunately, the dense vegetation of the pine foliage prevents the rain water from descending towards the ground, in addition to this, the root system of these large trees absorbs large amounts of water from the soil. For this reason, the shadow beneath the pines is not the cool damp shadow present in the undergrowth of beech or chestnut, but a dark and dry shadow. Therefore, to have a beautiful turf below the pines, even in spring, when the climate is rainy, it is necessary to water the turf, which otherwise tends to suffer due to lack of humidity.
In addition to this, it is important to periodically practice the aeration, as the pine needles are replaced with a certain constancy during the year, and the tannins they contain prevent the plants of the grass from sowing and to develop in the best way . Airing the lawn with a special scarifier (can be rented in garden centers or DIY stores), the felt and pine needles are removed from the ground, allowing the turf to develop well.
Every time you ventilate (so a couple of times a year, in spring and autumn), it would be advisable to re-seed, so that the seeds can fill any gaps in the lawn.