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How to recognize the male kiwi

How to recognize the male kiwi

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Question: as the siriconocse the male kiwi

how the male or female should be

How to recognize the male kiwi: Answer: like siriconocse the male kiwi

Dear Francesca,
as many of us have learned, the kiwi (actinidia chinensis) is a dioecious plant, that is, the male and female flowers bloom on different plants, and therefore it is necessary to have plants of different sex if you want to get the fruits, or it could have a male kiwi in the garden our neighbor (although it is always better to have the pollinating kiwi near the plants to be pollinated). However, not everyone is able to distinguish the two types of flowers, also because the appearance of the feminine and masculine flowers of kiwi is almost identical; the morphological differences can be seen only by approaching the two flowers and dissecting them, observing the various structures that make up the flowers; this is because, contrary to what happens in other dioecious plants, kiwi flowers, both male and female, have all the sexual apparatus, even those of the opposite sex, which appear to be atrophied.
Fortunately, we can quickly and easily decide the sex of a kiwi plant, without having to remove, dissect and carefully observe the flowers, simply with a glance; fortunately the flowers of the two genera have different functions, which make them different even in a clearly visible way:
The female flowers, one day they will ripen some fruit, for this reason, although blossoming in small groups, in general the flowers between them are quite far apart, so that the fruits can develop close together, but not completely stacked.
The male flowers, on the other hand, have the sole function of pollinating the female plants, which is why their flowers bloom in clusters, all close to each other, leaving no space between them.
I hope that this arrangement is also clearly visible on your kiwi plants, otherwise you will have to remove one flower for each plant; you will be able to observe how the female flowers have an enlarged ovary, which in the male flowers is very small; in addition to this the female flowers present stamens, lacking in pollen and of small dimensions.