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Cimar cucumber

Cimar cucumber

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Question: trim cucumber

Cucumber seedlings should be cited, if so what is the procedure? Will the potted cucumber seedlings be fertilized? if yes, how often?
thanks Alberto

Cimar cucumber: Answer: trim cucumber

Dear Alberto,
cucumbers (cucumis sativus) are small annual climbing plants, which are usually grown creeping or attached to a support, so that they rise; if we leave them creeping we should trim the main stem when it has produced about 5-6 leaves, cutting it so as to leave only about four leaves, to allow the development of numerous lateral branches, which will also be trimmed, leaving only 3-4 leaves. If instead the cucumbers are cultivated by making them climb on a guardian, in general they tend not to trim them, letting the plant develop at will, forming lateral ramifications whenever the stem or secondary branches tend to arcuate falling back.
Cucumbers are easy to grow plants that need little care; they love, however, to develop in soils rich in mineral salts, and in particular calcium; therefore, before placing the seeds or seedlings, the soil is enriched with manure and granular fertilizer, so that the water is dissolved in the fertilizer. If you have not enriched the soil of your pots, before placing the cucumbers, you can fertilize now, using a slow release granular fertilizer, specific for garden plants.
In general, cucumber plants tend to be very productive and develop without problems, even without being cited; I advise you to cultivate them clinging to guardians, without cramming them. To place pot stakes it is sufficient to place around the seedlings three thin bamboo stakes, which must be held high with raffia; in this way the plant will develop by attaching itself to the branches and forming a sort of hut, without the need to spread much on the ground; cultivation with creeping plants on the ground is not recommended in pots, but also in the family vegetable garden, because it needs a lot of space, and moreover the fruits often touch the ground, ruining part of the peel and also the pulp, which tends to turn yellow on the in contact with the ground. In addition to this, sometimes remaining in contact with the ground for a long time, cucumbers tend to be prey to various parasites, including mold or rot.