The leaves of tulips

The leaves of tulips

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Question: Should I prune the tulip leaves?

I planted tulip bulbs (6) one of these has finished its flowering.
Question Do I have to cut it? if yes, at what height?
thank you for your reply ... Best regards

The leaves of tulips: Answer: the leaves of bulbous plants

Dear Renzo,
bulbs are very special plants: every year they store starches, which the following year will be used as nutrients to produce the beautiful and large flowers we enjoy.
Plants get their nutrients through chlorophyll photosynthesis, which is carried out by the green parts of plants, and therefore substantially by the leaves; for this reason, in order to have bulbs with large and colorful flowers, it is good, every year, to carefully cultivate the leaves of bulbous plants.
So, until the leaves of your tulips grow and vegetate, cultivate, conceal, water and keep them in a very bright and sunny place. Naturally, as the weeks go by, they will tend to dry out, only then can you accelerate their decline by cutting them close to the ground, so that the bulb goes into vegetative rest.
Unfortunately it often happens to see the leaves of bulbous plants that are mercilessly cut, immediately after flowering, because they are considered not very useful, or because they are not decorative; this is the best method to not see any flower from your tulip bulbs next year.
After all the leaves are dried, if you wish, or if you have no space, you can dig up the bulbs, clean them from the soil with a brush and leave them to dry in the sun for a few days; later you can store them in a jute bag, with sawdust shavings, in a cool, dark and dry area of ​​the house, until the autumn.
Otherwise you can leave your bulbs where they are, and grow around them other annual or perennial plants, with summer flowering.


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