Turf preparation

Turf preparation

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Question: when is the best time to sow the lawn?

I wanted to know the best time to mill and then sow a lawn. then the recommended supplements and weeds + x for a new sowing. Thanks

Turf preparation: Answer: sowing the turf

Dear Andrea,
the young seedlings of the meadow, just germinated, need a cool and humid climate, because the scorching sun, the drought, the frost, the cold, the excessive heat, would kill them all within a few hours; for this reason, to sow a new turf you choose the most favorable periods of the year, or spring or autumn; during these seasons in fact the temperatures are not excessively high or low, and the climate is humid: the abundant and frequent precipitations help us with watering, avoiding us having to water the young seedlings just popped up daily.
In general, before sowing, a thin layer of grass is spread on the ground, well worked and leveled; generally it is a mixture of peat, with sand (to increase drainage) and starter fertilizer, suitable precisely to stimulate seed germination.
Before sowing the lawn, in addition to milling the soil, it is advisable to eradicate all the weeds, otherwise the cutter would do nothing but bury most of the seeds; if weeds are many we proceed to a treatment on the plants with a foliar herbicide: it is a product that is absorbed by the foliage of the plants, therefore it must be sprayed only and exclusively on the plants to be eliminated, absolutely avoiding the windy days; from the foliage the herbicide passes to the roots, and causes the plants to dry up, which can be easily eradicated.
Then spread on the ground a slow release granular fertilizer, or manure, sprinkling the soil well; only then is it passed to milling, in order to bury the fertilizer substance distributed on the surface of the future turf; at this point the ground is covered with soil for lawns, it is leveled with a rake, compacted, watered and sown; after sowing the roller is passed over, to make sure that the seeds adhere well to the soil, and is sprayed, with a sprayer that vaporizes the water, and without creating runoff.
Later, if the previous operations have been done with care, it will not be necessary to do anything other than to water when the ground is dry, to favor a rapid development of the grass.
The fertilizer will have to be supplied another time after about 4-6 months; herbicides are used only and exclusively when a large number of weeds is dispersed on our lawn, it is not necessary to practice preventive or regular weeding.


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