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Common climbing, present in Italy also in the spontaneous flora.
Ivy is a vigorous evergreen, which can grow several centimeters in a single year of vegetation.
It loves sunny or shaded positions, adapting without problems; prefers a well-drained soil, and does not require special fertilizing. Freshly planted plants should be watered regularly, whenever the soil is dry; if it is pruning in the open ground, an adult ivy, it tends to be satisfied with the water received from the precipitation.
The stems of ivy produce small roots throughout their length, through which the plant clings to whatever it finds in its path; for this reason it is often not advisable to place the ivy near the walls of the house, whose plaster could be ruined by ivy rootlets, especially if the plant is left completely free to develop over the years.
The garden ivy is a completely rustic plant, which can withstand the winter cold, even frost, and the summer heat.