Celery cultivation

Celery cultivation

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Celery cultivation:

Celery is a vegetable that produces a large stalk of leaves, with a fleshy petiole; it is cultivated starting from the seed, which is placed in the seedbed starting from February-March, and is kept in a warm and sheltered place until the seedlings can be moved, in spring.
The plants, at least 12-17 cm tall, are planted in rows, in a soil enriched with manure, well drained, and placed in a sunny place.
Watering takes place with good regularity, so as to avoid leaving the soil dry for a long time; periodically weeding operations are also carried out, to eliminate weeds.
Collect the whole head of fleshy leaves, cutting it off at the base; it is a biennial plant, it is therefore possible to cultivate it for many months, removing the necessary leaves from time to time, in this case, however, with the passing of the months the leaves become more and more leathery and aromatic, and must be repaired with non-woven fabric during the winter.