Bonsai that loses leaves

Bonsai that loses leaves

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Question: bonsai loses leaves

I have a ficus bonsai plant. For some days he has been losing the lower leaves, becoming yellow and falling. It is located near a large window in the kitchen. What to do?

Bonsai leaking leaves: Answer: bonsai yellow leaves

Dear Antonella,
ficus bonsai love fairly bright areas, but not direct sunlight, good environmental humidity and regular watering.
The leaves that turn yellow and fall may be due to an excessively hot or dry climate, or to an excessive brightness; for this reason these plants are kept in bright places, but without the sun's rays directly affecting them.
High environmental humidity does not necessarily mean frequent watering: watering wets the soil, which, if it remains constantly wet, prevents the roots from properly exchanging gas with the outside. So if watering is done too frequently, you risk killing the plant by asphyxiation; It is always good to wait for the substrate to be dry before watering again, without leaving it dry for long periods of time, because ficus do not like drought.
To increase the environmental humidity instead, first of all the plant is placed in an area where it does not suffer the effect of heat sources such as stoves, fireplaces, air conditioners, radiators, which dry the air further; in addition to this the canopy is frequently vaporized, so that a good amount of water is present in the air, which is very unlikely in the apartment.
Ficus do not like sudden and sudden changes in temperature, the proximity of a window is often the cause of loss of foliage, when the window is opened often, and outside the climate it is cold.
Another reason why your plant is losing its leaves may be the lack (or excess) of mineral salts in the soil: the fertilizer is essential when growing a ficus, and when it is cultivated with bonsai it becomes quite difficult to dose the fertilizer correctly.
The fertilizer is preferably administered during the vegetative period of the plant, therefore from March until October, every 12-15 days; a specific fertilizer for bonsai is used, which must be diluted in the doses indicated on the package. If you do not have a bonsai fertilizer, and you want to use what you already have, which you use for other houseplants, you will have to dilute it a lot more, using only half of the dose indicated on the bottle for every liter of water.
If your bonsai is in the same soil for a long time, perhaps it could also need a repotting, because with the passage of time the soil of the pots runs out and must be replaced.