Flowers and shade

Flowers and shade

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Question: Flowers and shade

Hi! I have a piece of garden where there is never sunlight, which plants (always green, flowers) can I plant?
thank you very much!!!

Answer: Flowers and shade

Dear Mariel,
unfortunately most of the most showy and garish flowering plants also love to receive at least a few hours of sunshine a day; trusting in the fact that, even if your garden corner is completely shaded, at least a little light will receive it, and therefore you should be able to cultivate gardenias and camellias, which do not excessively like direct sunlight, which anticipates flowering, often ruining buds and leaves.
Many acidophilic plants like to be grown in the shade, even though they do not actually have spectacular blooms, but they are however pleasant shrubs, with beautiful foliage, and a few small white flowers; so you can dedicate yourself to pieris, skimmie, kalmie, leucothoe, sarcococche.
The aralia is cultivated without problems both in the sun and in the shade, the botanical name is fatsia japonica, and it is a beautiful evergreen shrub, with flowers in umbrella-shaped inflorescences, and enormous palmate leaves, very decorative, which is they also use flower bouquets.
If you want some small perennials you can plant pachysandra terminalis, ophiopogon japonicus, liriope muscari, vinca major in the shade; these plants do not have very showy flowers, but they find varieties with variegated foliage, which also illuminates the thickest shade.
Some of the typical garden shrubs, which are also used for hedges, develop without problems even in conditions of not ideal brightness; we remember the viburnum, the mahonia, the ivy, the eleagnus, the aucuba; all plants with few cultivation requirements, which develop without problems even without direct sunlight.
If you want a few small flowers like home bergenia and hellebore, the first flower at the end of winter, while the hellebores bloom from the end of autumn through the winter, there are different species and varieties, which you can easily find in the nursery.
I remind you that most plants that love shade also love having a cool, moist soil; so if your garden is in the shade because an evergreen tree obscures the horizon, I suggest you prepare yourself to water your shrubs often, because the big foliage of an evergreen tree prevents the rains from falling on the ground, and therefore water your plants naturally.