Timing for carrots: when can you sow seeds outdoors?

 Timing for carrots: when can you sow seeds outdoors?

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Carrots are one of the most popular and versatile vegetables around. It is also in great demand due to its rather long shelf life.

Gardeners all over the world like to grow this vegetable in their gardens, both beginners and experienced craftsmen. The right planting time is an important factor in a good harvest.

When is it better to sow carrots in open ground, how to correctly determine the time for sowing seeds, when you can plant in the Urals, Siberia and in the middle lane, what indicators need to be taken into account in order to plant correctly and we will analyze other nuances in this article.

Time dependence on climate

Several climatic zones are observed on the territory of Russia. They differ in the duration of the winter and summer periods, temperature zones, long daylight hours and other nuances. The time of planting carrots depends on the climate in which you live.

  • The Urals and Siberia are characterized by a rather harsh climate. Low temperatures persist here for a long time, frosts can end only by the beginning of June. Therefore, the timing of planting here directly depends on the duration of winter (what are the latest planting dates in different regions?).
  • In central Russia, the climate is milder. Heat comes here much earlier and temperature ranges are higher than in Siberia or the Ural region. Therefore, the timing of planting carrots is different.

In any climate, it is important to find out at what time winter begins and the snow falls, and when the frost ends, warming occurs.

Based on information from past years, it will be possible to understand when is the right time to plant carrots in your area.

Which days are best to plant depending on the weather?

In addition to the climatic zone, the weather is an important factor.... It is recommended to choose warm and calm days for planting. Do not sow carrots in rainy weather. Due to the abundant moisture, seeds can rot. And intense rain will cause the seeds to sink too deep in the soil and it will take much longer to wait for seedlings.

Planting days that are too sunny are also not worth choosing for sowing carrots. The soil will be significantly dry, which will also lead to late germination. Sowing carrots is recommended when the soil temperature rises above + 5 ° C. It is not recommended to land in cold ground.

From the timing of the ripening of the variety

One of the main factors in determining the sowing time is the selected carrot variety. According to the ripening period, the varieties are divided into:

  • Early - ripening period from 60 to 80 days.
  • Mid late - ripening period from 90 to 115 days.
  • Late - ripening period from 110 to 130 days.

Depending on the variety you choose, the ripening and harvesting time will differ. Therefore, the sowing time must be selected based on these data.

In Siberia

When to plant carrots in Siberia? In Siberia, you need to be more careful with frosts and not rush to sowing. Low temperatures can lead to poor germination and seed or germination death.

  • Autumn sowing in Siberian climates, it is produced in mid-November. The exact sowing dates need to be determined depending on the variety chosen. Typically, this is the period from 10 to 15 November. But some podzimny carrots should be planted earlier.

    The deadline for autumn sowing in Siberia is the 20th of November. It is not worth planting later, since the soil temperature is already falling below the permissible level and there is a risk of not getting the expected sprouting and harvest in the spring.

  • When sowing in spring it is worth focusing on the timing of the last frosts in previous seasons. As a rule, this is the period from mid-April to the end of May. Depending on the type of carrot, choose a planting date. Usually these days fall between the end of April and 9 May.

    It is not worth sowing carrots later than May 31, as the root crops will not have time to form and grow. Sowing this late will require additional seed preparation to help them germinate as quickly as possible.

In the Urals

The Urals are distinguished by the presence of different climatic zones on its territory. In the southern regions of the Urals, the climate is milder and warmer than in the northern regions. Therefore, the timing of sowing carrots is different here.

  • For autumn sowing in the Urals, the average period is early and mid-October, depending on the variety and area. As a rule, it is October 15-20. The deadline for planting carrots before winter is mid-November (15-20 days). It is recommended to be in time before the onset of frost and snow.
  • Spring sowing in the Urals falls on the end of April - mid-May... Basically, this is the period from April 30 to May 15. Sowing will be carried out later in the northern regions of the Urals. There it falls at the end of May - on the 25th and 30th. The deadline for spring sowing of carrots in the Urals is early June. Later on June 10, it is not worth planting, since you will not have time to get a good harvest.

In the middle lane

  • Planting carrots in the middle lane in the fall is carried out from late October to early November. As a rule, this is the period from October 20 to November 15. The deadline for sowing before winter in the middle lane is the end of November, before the onset of frost.
  • Spring sowing in this strip is carried out from late April to early May. The optimal dates are from April 20 to May 10. The deadline for sowing is the end of May (20-25 days). It is recommended to sow before this time, so that the plant has time to form and is less susceptible to diseases and parasites.

Ratio: sowing and harvesting

Planting time for carrots Harvest time
End of October - beginning of NovemberEarly and mid June
End of NovemberEnd of June - beginning of July
Mid April - early MayEnd of July - August
End of May - beginning of JuneSeptember

The timing of planting and harvesting depends on your climate, selected variety and weather conditions. Therefore, the given times are average. For the correct calculation of the planting time, you must carefully read the information from the manufacturer. As a rule, the seed packaging describes the ripening period and the recommended planting dates for the variety in different climatic conditions.

Features of sowing in spring

Planting carrots in spring has several features.:

  • Long shelf life of the crop... If you want your carrots to be stored throughout the winter, then choose this growing method.
  • Different sowing and harvesting dates... When sowing carrots in the spring, you can get multiple crops at different times. This is convenient for eating root crops at once, preparing blanks and winter storage.
  • More intensive emergence... Compared to winter planting of carrots, spring crops germinate better. This is due to the fact that some of the seeds may not survive wintering, especially in harsh climatic zones.
  • It is important to choose the right sowing time in spring... When planting carrots in spring, it is important to choose the best days, taking into account the climate, weather, carrot variety.

Before winter

Planting carrots before winter also has a number of nuances.:

  • Not all varieties will work... For sowing carrots in the fall, you need to choose special podzimny varieties.
  • Early harvest... With this method of cultivation, you can get a crop as early as June. This is great if you want to enjoy fresh vegetables as quickly as possible.
  • Poor storage of root crops... Despite the early ripening, such carrots will not be stored. If you want to get a harvest for the whole winter, you should pay attention to the spring sowing.
  • Landing dates... When growing carrots using the winter method, it is important to sow seeds on time. It is necessary to take into account the climate, the temperature of the soil and the time of frost, the variety of seeds.

In summer

In some regions, carrots are planted in the summer. This is usually mid to late June. There are also several features here:

  • The correct choice of variety... For planting in the summer, varieties with a long ripening period are not suitable. Attention should be paid to early and mid-season varieties.
  • Not suitable for all regions... Summer sowing is relevant for the southern regions and central Russia. In more northern latitudes, carrots are unlikely to have time to grow and give a good harvest.
  • Good storage of crops until next season... This sowing method is suitable for storage carrots. She grows up just in time for the end of the summer season.

With the carrot harvest, you can delight yourself and your family all year round. To do this, you just need to choose the right varieties of carrots and plant them in the right ways. And our tips and information from the manufacturer will help you determine the timing of planting. Take a close look at the recommendations on the packaging, study the climatic conditions in your area, and enjoy fresh carrots all year round.

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