Delicious tomatoes at home - easy! What varieties of tomatoes can be grown on the windowsill and on the balcony?

 Delicious tomatoes at home - easy! What varieties of tomatoes can be grown on the windowsill and on the balcony?

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A city apartment can be easily turned into a greenhouse, and not only flowers, but also vegetables can grow in it. Residents of large cities often grow various greens for salad and herbs for fragrant tea on windowsills.

Meanwhile, you can feast on fresh tomatoes all year round, because it is not difficult to collect a good harvest of tomatoes from your windowsill. In addition, growing tomatoes at home, on the window, on the balcony (the so-called balcony varieties) is a very exciting and healthy occupation. Consider which ones are better for planting on the balcony.

What tomatoes can be planted in the apartment - on the windowsill and balcony?

There are a lot of varieties of tomatoes bred by breeders. But, of course, not all are suitable for home growing. To harvest homemade tomatoes, certain criteria must be considered.


  1. Short stature.

    For home growing, you need to choose varieties of tomatoes that do not grow. On a windowsill or balcony, tomatoes grow in a confined space, most often in boxes or pots. Varieties, the stems of which need to be tied up, will not take root at home.

  2. Stamping.

    A very important criterion when choosing a tomato variety. Such plants have a powerful stem, a dense crown, they do not need to be tied up and formed a bush.

  3. Resistant to lack of light.

    Home-grown tomatoes generally do well on a short sunny day. They need additional lighting only in winter or on very cloudy days.

General characteristics

  • Indoor tomatoes are highly regarded for their taste. Their fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins and sugars. Homemade tomatoes are great for canning.
  • Not all varieties are distinguished by high yield. Many are decorative, they are used to decorate a room and as a decor. Ornamental tomatoes are also edible.
  • The fruits of domestic tomatoes are medium-sized, from 15 to 130 grams. They stick around the bush tightly and differ in color.
  • Homemade perennial tomatoes. Some time after harvesting, leaves appear on the stems again. Tomatoes can be grown all year round.

Which ones are not suitable for growing at home?

Breeders develop new varieties of tomatoes every year. There are special ones for open ground, greenhouses and home growing.

Some varieties can grow and bear fruit well both in the fresh air and on the windowsill in the apartment. But most of them are designed for certain conditions, when they change, they die. Tomatoes unsuitable for home cultivation have certain properties:

  1. Indeterminacy.

    Tomato varieties, whose growth is practically unlimited, are called indeterminate. Bushes of such plants grow above two meters. These varieties are not suitable for home cultivation. On the windowsill, they simply do not have enough space, because of the tightness they will not bear fruit.

  2. The need for fertile soil.

    Tomatoes that are planted outdoors or in a greenhouse require good fertile soil. At home, such plants will die from a lack of useful elements, since they grow on windowsills in small pots or boxes.

Unsuitable tomatoes

  • Koenigsberg.
  • Bull heart.
  • Eagle beak.
  • Monomakh's hat.
  • Chio-chio-san.
  • El Dorado.
  • Valentine.
  • Cardinal.
  • Raspberry miracle.

Below you will familiarize yourself with the varieties of tomatoes and see their photos.

The best decorative

Micron NK

The smallest variety of domestic tomatoes, its bushes do not grow higher than 15 cm. Tomatoes are red or yellow, small, 10-12 g each. A bountiful harvest from plants of this variety will not work, but on the other hand in beauty and decorativeness, Mikron NK will outstrip most other varieties.

Garden Pearl

This is an ampelous tomato variety that can be grown in hanging planters or pots. As it grows, Sadovaya Zhemchuzhina's shoots hang down with thin, but very strong stems, on which round fruits with an interesting color appear. Raspberry-colored tomatoes appear transparent due to their thin and delicate skin. They have excellent taste, weigh 10-12 g.

The yield of the variety is small, it is more difficult to care for it than for other species, but the Garden Pearl will become a real decoration of the house.


A small neat bush up to 30 cm, strewn with small fruits, slightly larger than grapes. The tomatoes are bright red in color, the flesh is juicy, dense and even crunchy. Weight - no more than 25 g. Due to strong thick stems and lush crown it looks very attractive. Bonsai cultivar resembles an ornamental miniature tree, in honor of which the variety got its name.

Bonsai tomatoes are fairly resistant to low light. This is a big plus when growing at home, where plants often lack light.

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Also an ampelous variety, it is distinguished by its very early ripening. It looks very nice and also bears fruit well. The fruits of the plant are red, weighing no more than 20 grams... The taste is sweet, juicy, the skin is harsh.

Best prolific

Balcony miracle

One of the most popular and proven varieties of tomatoes for home growing. Unlike other varieties, its fruits reach 70-100 g in weight and contain a large amount of sugars. The bushes grow up to 50 cm and bear fruit all year round, they are not demanding on lighting. With proper care, up to 2 kg of tomatoes per year can be harvested from one bush. The balcony miracle can bear fruit well in winter.

We offer you to watch a video about tomatoes Balcony miracle:

Room surprise

One of the earliest varieties, it has a bountiful and harmonious harvest. Bred specifically for those who love small fruits and want to grow tomatoes at home. The bushes of the plant do not grow higher than half a meter and take up very little space. Fruits weighing up to 60 g, plum-like in shape, bright red... It tastes sweet and sour, fleshy. Ideal for slicing or salad, tolerates transportation well, does not deteriorate for a long time.


An early ripening variety of tomatoes, can be attributed to the decorative, but the plant also bears fruit abundantly. Fruits are miniature, about 25 g, reminiscent of cherry tomatoes. They can be red or yellow. The taste is very sweet, suitable for fresh consumption, in salads and for canning. The taste of tomatoes is strongly influenced by conditions. If the room is damp and cold with sour fruits, dry and hot - the fruits are sweet.


One of the most unpretentious and productive varieties with dense foliage and many red fruits. The bushes of the plant are miniature, however, up to 2 kg can be harvested from each of them per year. tomatoes. The fruits of this variety are small, up to 20 g, moderately sweet in taste. In summer, the plant can be planted in the beds, and in the fall again in pots..

Pinocchio does not tolerate spraying, they create excess moisture on the foliage.

The most delicious

Ruby Red

A variety of tomatoes created specifically for growing on windowsills. Prized for its rich sweet taste. Fruits weighing up to 50 g of red are located on bushes, the height of which does not exceed half a meter.

Bunch of honey

A variety of tomatoes that are simply excellent in their taste. Small yellow tomatoes taste like real honey. They are used both for fresh consumption and for canning. But, the variety cannot boast of a high yield... Tomatoes are not stored for a long time and do not tolerate transportation well.


The Baby tomato is an ideal treat for children. A miniature bush of the plant is strewn with small bright red tomatoes. Early maturing and fruitful variety. Tomatoes taste sweet, aromatic, high in vitamins and sugars. Excellent solution for growing in pots.

Giving winter harvest

Window yellow

This is a new variety of tomatoes and is still quite rare. Small bushes up to 30 cm in height are strewn with clusters of small yellow tomatoes during fruiting. Fruits up to 30 g are very soft and sweet. The variety is not picky about constant good lighting. and bears fruit well in winter.

Florida Petite

Tomatoes of this variety can provide an excellent harvest during the cold season. Appreciated by gardeners for their unpretentiousness. Florida Petite tolerates poor lighting, which allows fruit in the winter. It does not take up much space on the windowsill, the bushes do not grow higher than 30 cm.The fruits of red color with sweet pulp reach 40 g.


A compact plant, 30-40 cm high, a productive early ripening variety. Fruits are medium-sized, up to 25 g, sweet taste with a slight sourness. The plant is unpretentious. Tomatoes of this variety can be grown outdoors, in greenhouses and at home. Due to this, the variety bears fruit well in the cold season.

Growing tomatoes on your windowsill is no more difficult than on a garden bed... With proper plant care, you can pamper yourself with fresh tomatoes practically all year round. This is especially true in winter, when the demand for vegetables increases, and the store often comes across tasteless tomatoes at an overpriced price.

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