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Cyclamen is a beautiful and hardy plant with green rounded leaves and delicate unusual ...


Petunia is an abundantly flowering plant that is often found in flower beds and in apartments. Huge ...


Indoor plant lovers and collectors are often afraid to breed fuchsia due to popular opinion, ...


Spathiphyllum is a beautiful and graceful plant, which is equally suitable for office and home ...


Pelargonium is quite resistant to diseases, but it happens that its delicate leaves turn yellow and ...


Pelargonium is familiar to flower growers as geranium. The flower belongs to the ampelous variety growing tough ...


Yellowing of the leaves is the main problem of gardeners growing pelargonium. Sheet plates ...


For a long time, pelargonium was called geranium, which is not entirely true. This amazing flower ...


Pelargonium, due to its unpretentiousness and spectacular appearance, remains one of the most ...


Pelargonium is usually grown for long, lush and vibrant blooms. This is her main advantage, ...


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