Wild strawberries

Wild strawberries

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Question: Wild strawberries

Hi, I have to go to Florida, where my sister lives, who asks me if I can bring her strawberries (not strawberries) for her garden. My question is this, are there strawberry seeds? I think the seedlings are available in nurseries, but I don't think they let me bring live plants to U.S.A. I would be grateful if you answered me. THANKS

Answer: Wild strawberries

Dear John,
of course there are strawberry seeds, and you know it too, because you feel them under your teeth every time you eat a strawberry; the strawberries are not actually single fruits, but of the infructescences, or rather of the species of panicles consisting of various pulpy fruits, each of which carries a single seed outside; in particular the strawberry fruit is called conocarp, the real fruit is the small hard and yellow seed, which is perfectly seen by holding a strawberry.
That said, there is a very precise regulation that prohibits the transport of plants, fruits or seeds between countries, especially when it comes to two countries so far apart, like Italy and the United States. This regulation is not a whim, but exists to protect nature, as there are bacteria, fungi and insects, which can be easily transmitted by plants, fruits or seeds originating from an area of ​​the distant globe, and whether these insects, fungi or bacteria are unknown to the plant population in which they are introduced, they often bring devastating causes, because the plants that are attacked by them often have no defense whatsoever.
So I strongly advise you against traveling with real biological weapons in your suitcase.
Furthermore, I do not think it is so difficult to find wild strawberry seeds in the United States, and in this case certified seedlings or seedlings, free from diseases, fungi, insects or parasites of any kind and type.
The wild strawberries are called Fragaria vesca, in English they are called woodland strawberry (yes, even in English they are called wild strawberries); looking in nurseries or on the internet are easy to find, even in Florida.
Doing even just a quick search on the internet you can find wild strawberries without any problems, here's an example
but you can look for them even without great effort, perhaps even at the nursery behind your sister's house, since strawberries are now naturalized in most of the globe, and are spread everywhere.