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The potato variety Melody, bred by Dutch breeders, has successfully passed the state ...


Potatoes "Margarita" are the result of Dutch selection, the variety was recently registered in the Russian Federation, ...


The Aladdin potato variety is one of the most popular varieties in the country. Has a wonderful fruit taste. ...


Dutch breeders are among the most active in Europe, they often spoil us all ...


Krasa potatoes are widely demanded among gardeners, due to their high ...


Milady or Melody is a Dutch selection, widespread among amateur gardeners ...


"Limonka" (alternative name - "Picasso") is a potato variety bred in Holland. On time ...


In the Russian Federation, the potato "Grenada" is a rare uncommon variety. Has immunity from various ...


The Hostess potato variety is universal for all climatic conditions. Suitable for both home ...


One of the main factors in getting a good potato crop is right ...


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