How to properly grow pepper seedlings at home? Tips for the selection of containers and soil, care for young shoots

 How to properly grow pepper seedlings at home? Tips for the selection of containers and soil, care for young shoots

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Growing pepper seedlings for a full harvest is a whole science that gardeners and summer residents have been mastering for years.

The first step is to decide on the placement of seedlings, and before planting young plants, find out whether the peppers are complete and ready for adulthood.

Today we will find out how to make pepper seedlings at home?

What you need to know about healthy seedlings?

Seedlings of young plants appear 7-10 days after planting seeds... The first pair of cotyledon leaves pointed at the ends resembles a two-lobed screw.

By the end of the 1st week of life, the peppers acquire a pair of true leaves., at week 2 the next pair appears. A three-week-old plant often has 3 pairs of opposed, teardrop-shaped true leaves.

For memorization! The number of pairs of leaves in seedlings is approximately equal to the number of weeks after the seeds have emerged.

At 1 month old, healthy pepper seedlings should have:

  • 3-4 pairs of real and 1 pair of cotyledon leaveslocated at the top of the plant;
  • long juicy bright green stemlooking up or slightly inclined under the weight of the leaves;
  • healthy appearance without signs of damage insects, fungus, bacteria, or wilting;
  • height 4-6 cm depending on the variety.

The most common cause of slow growth of pepper seedlings at home is lack of minerals, sunlight or heat... The peculiarities of cultivation and the requirements for the composition of the soil mixture are dictated by the variety you choose, be it bell peppers or chili peppers.

A photo

What pepper seedlings look like, photo by day:

Container for planting

There are many ways to grow peppers for seedlings from seed. Before sowing, the seeds must be sorted and processed - more details on how to do this.

Seed planting can be carried out in boxes or containers with soil mixtures, plastic bags, peat tablets, sawdust, open ground... The original methods of growing pepper seedlings in diapers, "in snails" and on paper without the use of soil are gaining popularity.

Whatever the container for growing future seedlings, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Environmental Safety... Do not use containers of caustic substances, solvents, oils, which will contaminate the soil, poisoning young plants.
  2. Good drainage... Water should not accumulate and stagnate at the bottom of the container, causing the growth of fungi.
  3. Sufficient depth and volume to prevent interlacing and injury of the roots during transplantation.
  4. The presence of dense opaque walls, preventing the impact on the roots of mechanical force from the outside and sunlight.

Important! What size cups for pepper seedlings are best to take? Give preference to small "single" containers or boxes with partitions that isolate young plant roots.

Fully meet these requirements mesh trays, plastic cups, wooden boxes, pots and special cassettes.

Seedlings in cassettes and glasses

Cassettes - these are reusable mesh containers with a drainable bottom, designed for growing peppers before picking. (You can find out how to dive according to the lunar calendar here.)

Advantages of cassettes:

  • prevent fungal diseases seedlings due to the fact that liquid not absorbed into the soil leaves the cell through a large hole;
  • ensure uniform growth of all plants and exclude their competition for water, space, minerals;
  • prevent root entanglement, since each seedling is in an individual cell;
  • honeycomb block significantly saves space on the windowsill.

An excellent alternative to cassettes for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase them are disposable cups or plastic food packaging... The drainage holes can be easily made by yourself.


Purchased or self-obtained sawdust is able to replace the soil at first.

You will achieve the best results using old coniferous sawdust, which must first be scalded with boiling water.

As they grow, young roots will not grow into the substrate, but move it apart. therefore removing a plant from sawdust for picking will not be accompanied by a breakage of roots, which requires a lot of energy and strength from a young plant to restore lost cells.

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New discoveries

Thanks to improved methods of planting peppers, caring for seedlings and the emergence of new interesting devices, growing seedlings has long turned into a creative activity. In the available sections, you can familiarize yourself with entertaining ways to obtain a rich generous harvest.

Here we gave basic tips on how to make pepper seedlings healthy and strong.

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