Drying for the winter

 Drying for the winter

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Long away not the whole volume of apple harvest it is advisable to process into jam, juice and wine.

If opportunities to sell surplus fruit no, then the most reasonable way out would be to convert fresh fruit into dried fruit.

They are perfectly stored, healthy, tasty, suitable for making dessert drinks, baking and eating without heat treatment.

What is another name for dried apples? Dried apples, pears and other fruits, many housewives call "Sushina" or "dried fruits".

What kinds of apples can you dry?

Which apples are dried? Basically everything. Better to choose for drying slightly immature fruit. Then even slices of apples of varieties with a high sugar content after drying will have a beautiful reddish-beige hue.

Which apple varieties are best for drying? Drying apples for compote can be prepared from all varieties of apples, including volunteers, fruits spoiled by a moth or scab.

For drying apples for dessert (for use with tea or instead of nuts, crackers, cookies), it is better to choose whole fruits, barely ripe, with a sweet and sour aftertaste.

Sweet varieties have excess sugar... Because of it, drying, harvested in the air under the sun, will be with dark blotches of sugar caked from the heat.

In addition, sushina from sweet raw materials is obtained loose, viscous.

White filling

Is it possible to dry the white apple variety? White filling as raw material for dried fruits quite suitable. The variety is summer, which means that it can be harvested in the sun.

This allows, especially the owner of summer cottages with a building, where you can clean the trays at night with dried apples, make large-volume harvesting of sushina, if the garden has its own well-bearing apple trees.

Moreover no energy costs: Most of the work of removing moisture from the apple slices is done by the sun. How to dry the white filling variety at home?

White filling is no different good keeping quality, therefore, you need to process apples of this variety as quickly as possible, without waiting for the pulp to become crumbly.

Already ten days after harvesting, it will be difficult to process the fruits for drying. Slices will be obtained clumsy and ugly... If these are fruits from your garden, and drying is performed directly at the dacha, then you can eat apples for cutting in stages, choosing slightly unripe specimens.

Drying apples at home from varieties of white filling performed by the same methods as for other varieties. At the disposal of the hostesses:

  1. The space of the balcony (if the motorway does not pass next to the house or the factory chimneys are not puffing).
  2. Oven.
  3. Electric drying (if available on the farm).
  4. Flower-free window sills.

All the space under the ceiling in the hallway and in the kitchen will do if you want prepare as much as possible, and there is nowhere to do this, except in the apartment.

When slicing thin slices raw materials ready for drying will require a larger area than fruits divided into four to five slices. But thin apple chips will reach the desired condition much faster.


Can unripe apples be dried for future use? Yes, you can. But it is better to use finished products for cooking. compotes, uzvarov, since drying will taste sour.

Before laying unripe apples for drying, it is imperative carefully remove parts of the fruit damaged by caterpillars, birds or falling.

About the benefits and dangers of the product

Dried apples: benefit or harm to the body? So, how are they useful dried apples:

  1. Vitamins (slightly less than in fresh fruits, but at a fairly high level).
  2. Pectin (lowers sugar levels, stimulates intestinal motility).
  3. Up to 12% natural sugars (sucrose, fructose).
  4. Up to 2.5% acids (apple, wine, lemon, pectin).
  5. A significant percentage of easily digestible iodine.
  6. Iron (prevention of anemia).
  7. Magnesium (prevention of depression, heart disease, bouts of irritability).
  8. Flavonoids (protection of the body at the cellular level).

Harm dried apples:

  1. Due to the presence of sugars, drying should be eaten carefully diabetics.
  2. Acid content can aggravate peptic ulcer Gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Apples dried in the sun and not covered with a protective cloth may contain parasite eggs, brought in by flies (before use, the purchased drying must be thoroughly washed and steamed).

Calorie content

How many calories are in dried apples? Before 250 calories... The indicator depends on the sweetness of the variety, the amount of moisture stored in the pieces, and the processing method. If you dry the apples sugarless, then what will their calorie content be?

Dried apple pulp, not covered with powdered sugar, contains up to 230-250 kcal per 100 g of product... If the slices are dried to a crisp state, then the calorie content is higher. If the pieces are moderately soft, then they are more dietary (meaning the sugar content per 100 g of the product).

Basic rules for preparing sushina for the winter

How to dry apples properly? Preparation of apples before drying consists in sorting the fruits, selecting and removing spoiled ones, freeing them from contamination by wiping or washing. Fruit should not be overripeotherwise the finished product will not be very attractive. In addition, the duration of the drying process itself will increase.

Core removal speeds up the conditioning process. The thinner the slice, the sooner it gets dry. Preservation of the peel will increase the usefulness of the finished drying.

Before slicing, the fruits are pre-cleaned from all signs of spoilage... The slices are laid out in one layer. If the variety is not particularly sweet, and the drying process takes place outside and falls on very hot summer days, then the apples on the grates can be arranged in several layers. Do not wash apples before drying in the sun on uncovered wire racks.

At the end of each day of drying their apples need to flip manually or by twitching the bars. It is best not to mix slices cut on different days on one sieve. Slices drying in the street protect from moisture, precipitation, capable of nullifying all the work, so at night, sliced ​​apples are brought into the room.

Drying, obtained without the help of an oven / electric dryer, is subjected to storage before packing heat treatment.

The oven is heated to 100 degrees and turned off, after which apples are placed in it, holding them there until the stove cools down.

After removing the dried fruits from the oven, they are first cooled and then packaged. Storing dried apples in cardboard containers or canvas bags is not suitable for everyone due to the high humidity in the back room.

In this case, use closed lids glass containers (Once a month or two, the covers must be removed for a while - so that the product does not "suffocate").

The ways

Apples turn into like chips through:

  • oven;
  • electric dryers;
  • microwave ovens;
  • Russian stove in the house or in the country;
  • sun rays (dry land on the balcony, outside);
  • heated and dry indoor air.

Drying apples with household appliances takes some skill and experience.

When using the oven, in the process, its door do not cover completely... This speeds up the process of removing excess moisture from the fruit slices.

Flip the slices frequently to protect them from burning.

Drying apples on the street is inconvenient if it is not possible to constantly be near the placed trays / racks. One little rain may spoil the result of work several weeks. But on the street you can dry a huge amount of apples. When hot weather, grates full in the morning become less full by the evening, which makes room for a new portion of raw materials.

What is the best way to dry apples? Convenient for you. Interested parties save energy, prepare for drying in the sun or in dry rooms, using covered or non-covered trays, stringing the slices on ropes. How to make apple chips? Dried fruits for consumption in the form of chips, it is better to harvest in a dryer, oven, trays with gauze fly protection.

Dried apples - photo:

How many days to dry?

Deadline for bringing the batch of raw materials to condition depends on the drying method:

  1. In hot weather, the slices of moderate thickness, carried out in grates outside, will be ready for packaging after 3 - 7 days.
  2. In the oven, excess moisture is removed from the drying in 7-10 hours.
  3. In the microwave, apple slices get the desired condition in 4-5 minutes, however, a very small portion of the raw material is added at a time.
  4. Apples are dried in electric dryers in 6 hours.

How to quickly dry apples for dried fruits? The fastest drying a small portion of apples is performed in the microwave.

What are the features industrial drying apples? In the volume of workpieces and the ability to use convection ovens.


How to dry apples in the sun:

  1. Apples taken from the branches, falling rub dry flannel.
  2. Have fruits remove / do not remove the core, cut into halves, select areas spoiled by caterpillars.
  3. Cut clean slices into slices. Apple slicing better to do in the morning, so that in the following hours the slices can be thoroughly “fried” in the sun.
  4. Raw materials are sprinkled on trays and taken out in the sun.
  5. Throughout the day trays shake, just stir up a lot of apples.
  6. Across weekIf the weather is very hot, the slices can be disinfected in the oven and stored.

How to dry apples for the winter in the electric dryer:

  1. Apples washand then carefully wipe.
  2. Delete core.
  3. Cut the halves of the fruit into slices or cut the whole fruit into circles (the thickness of the pieces is no more than 5 mm).
  4. Arrange the slices on the rack of the dryer.
  5. Switch on the device.
  6. Turn off drying and spread out cooled dried fruits in the prepared container.

Before placing the slices in the dryer, they can be dipped in mild saline (10 g / l). This will help preserve the whiteness of the chunks.

Apples drying well kept, suitable for use in various dishes.

Can make a supply of dried apples even an inexperienced hostess, which does not have at the disposal of special devices or a gas stove.

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