How to keep carrots for the winter?

How to keep carrots for the winter?

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  • Nikolay

    Svetlana! We urgently need to sort out and throw out everything that has begun to rot. Spray the cellar and the remains of the crop for disinfection with the preparation "AntiRot". One bottle with a spray will be enough for you to process 400 kilograms. The biological product is completely safe. This will save the leftovers from the crop. In general, you had to immediately use it and everything would be all right with you. And by the way, this is easier than smearing with clay.

  • Svetlana

    Good day! Help me please! Some of the carrots are covered with white mold. I store it in the cellar. What to do?

  • Yulia

    Carrots coated with clay are well preserved (you need to dilute them with water to a state of thick sour cream). In the basement of a country house or on an insulated loggia, in this form, carrots can be preserved almost for the future harvest. For those who do not have storage conditions, there is only drying carrots (read more in the article From my own experience, I will say that dried carrots are a great help for the hostess: I threw a handful into the borscht - and no worries. Shred well with a special tool (for Korean carrots).

  • Andrei

    Many housewives make a mistake when they peel vegetables from the ground. Remember, neither carrots nor beets should be washed before storage, because the earth provides them with additional protection. It is only necessary to sort out the root vegetables and remove those that have even minor mechanical damage, because such vegetables will not survive anyway. If stored on the balcony, in severe frosts, vegetables should be covered with a warm blanket so that the temperature regime does not occur.

  • Valentine

    Good day to you. In no case should you store a carrot in a jar, it suffocates there and then its taste is completely different. It must be stored in the usual ways in basements or cellars, if there are no mice, then it is desirable in a decomposed state.

  • kloo

    There are always a lot of carrots, we process some of them for freezing, and store the rest in the basement. Previously, they also used sand, but it is very dreary then to clean the carrots of it. Now we dry the carrots well and put them in thin plastic bags, in which the purchases in the store are wrapped. We release the air and tie it. Carrots are well stored until spring. For the third season we will use this method.

  • Galina

    For several years I have been storing carrots in three-liter glass jars. I heard about this method by chance. From neighbors. It is desirable that the floor in the basement be earthen, but you can pour earth into the pallet.
    Carefully dry the carrots. We put it in three-liter bottles, slowly, so as not to damage. We do not tamp. Turn the bottle upside down and screw it a little into the ground. 95% of carrots are stored until summer.

  • Anna

    Every year I have a good harvest of carrots, and for storage I use the "old-fashioned method". I put the carrots in a container (if there are no rats, you can go into a hole in the basement), and periodically sprinkle the layers with dry sand. Last year I tried to sprinkle it with dry sawdust, also a good option, it was well preserved.

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