How to deal with ants environmentally?

How to deal with ants environmentally?

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I share the methods that I tried myself.

1. Ants cannot stand the smell of garlic. One of the affordable and environmentally friendly methods of dealing with them is to spread the garlic in the places where there are most of them. Spread out on ant paths and next to anthills.

2. Ash is not bad for these insects. She needs to sprinkle the anthill completely. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

3. If you want to not just drive them away, but destroy them - make sugar syrup with yeast.

In my opinion, the effect is best achieved from the first method. If you don’t feel sorry for the garlic, then it’s better not only to lay out the cloves, but also to clean it as much as possible, add a little bit of water and apply this mixture to tree trunks, stumps, paths, anthills. here you can see methods of aphid control

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