Discussion: Breeding Honeysuckle

Discussion: Breeding Honeysuckle

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  • Inna

    I have always grown honeysuckle with seeds, I also heard that an effective way is to propagate honeysuckle with green cuttings, but this is not for me. I usually choose well-ripened large berries, choose seeds from them (who does what, someone rubs it all, someone just squeezes out the pulp), then rinse them with water, leave the seeds on the windowsill until they dry completely. That's all, the seeds are ready, and also, I would like to clarify, the seeds love moisture, I water them a little bit every day, and in no case let the earth dry, after 2-3 weeks you will see how the honeysuckle will begin to sprout!

  • Zoya Mikhailovna

    Maybe somewhere there are difficulties in growing honeysuckle, but not in Siberia ... usually in the fall, after harvesting and preparing the garden for the next season, I am engaged in planting honeysuckle bushes. I have the most common Altai honeysuckle, the most important thing, as mentioned above, that there are at least two or three bushes for pollination. I cut off a few small ones from a large bush and plant them in prepared holes, water, tamp the ground around and that's it.

  • Ilina Yurieva

    The easiest and most affordable way to breed honeysuckle is
    this is the division of a bush into several small bushes. It is imperative to carry out the procedure in the fall, since at other times of the year there is a chance that you will simply ruin the plant. First, plant the planted bushes in separate tubs or pots, and only when they have already taken root in the ground (if, for example, you want to plant them in your personal plot). In general, there is nothing complicated in planting honeysuckle.

  • Alexander

    It is not necessary to dig a bush for reproduction. You can propagate honeysuckle in much the same way as black currant. Or by cuttings, or by dropping branches. Edible honeysuckle is best kept side by side since they are cross-pollinated, in which case it is best to keep three honeysuckle bushes side by side. In general, with the correct selection of varieties, the berry is tasty and certainly healthy.

  • N. Khristeva

    I grow honeysuckle only in decorative and propagate in a simple way. In the fall, I dig out the bush along with the roots and divide it into several small bushes. After dividing, I process the sections with garden pitch to avoid disease and rotting of the plant. I transplant each bush into a separate hole and sprinkle it with sawdust.

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