What kind of lamps are installed in greenhouses?

What kind of lamps are installed in greenhouses?

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  • tascha56

    For efficient development in a greenhouse, plants need a substitute for sunlight, which consists of red and blue spectral components. There are very few such components in the light of ordinary lamps, moreover, they consume a lot of electricity and generate heat. The most optimal lighting in a greenhouse is LED lamps. These lamps have a light spectrum that stimulates plant growth. They are simple and reliable in operation, consume little electricity and do not heat.

  • assadovod

    After long experiments in this direction, I became convinced from my own experience that ordinary energy-saving bulbs are the most suitable in order to save and quality lighting. Although a little more expensive than usual, it will pay off with interest! After all, they are intended for long-term use.

  • Ludmila

    There are many options. You can use conventional lamps, metal halide, fluorescent, mercury, LED. One of the best and most economical options for the autumn - winter period is LED lamps. Denmark and Holland use this kind of lighting in greenhouses. It is not cheap, but energy is saved significantly. Growing in greenhouses is well described in the article

  • Aleksandr 7

    as far as I came across greenhouses in the north, it is important that the lamp gives as much light as possible to the plants, therefore, one must take into account its power and energy consumption, fluorescent lamps are certainly good, but now there are a lot of other types of lamps, so the choice is large and for every taste

  • Nina Panina

    I know that some of my neighbors had ordinary bulbs in their greenhouse. And nothing worked great. Then, to save energy, they started using housekeepers that work for a long time and provide daylight. But they did not purchase any special heaped lamps for greenhouses - that's for sure.
    You can read about all sorts of nuances when building a greenhouse in the article

  • Alexei

    The most acceptable option for lighting greenhouses is the use of fluorescent lamps. They are cheap, economical and do not require any auxiliary devices.
    In addition, it is important that such equipment practically does not heat up, which is very important in film or polycarbonate greenhouses.

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