Hybrid tomatoes - TOP 5 varieties f1

Hybrid tomatoes - TOP 5 varieties f1

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The f1 marking comes from the Italian word “filli”, which translates as “children” and means that the seeds are a first generation hybrid.

They inherit the best qualities from their "parents", grow quickly and bear fruit abundantly.


Fruits are round in shape, smooth with slightly pronounced ribbing. Each tomato contains 4-5 seed nests. The weight of one fruit is 80-120 grams.

The hybrid has varieties that differ in color: pink, red, gold. The main breeding species is the red variety. The taste is good, the tasting score is 4.3 points.

The variety belongs to determinant, all varieties are similar to each other. Plants are semi-spreading, have small sizes up to 70 cm, in a greenhouse, the height of the bush can reach 1 m.

The first fruits are tied over 6-7 leaves, the next after 1-2. Tomatoes are collected in a bunch of up to 7 pieces each. The yield of Andromeda in the open field reaches 8 kg per 1 sq. m, in a greenhouse can reach 10-13 kg.

From the moment of germination to the collection of the first fruits, an average of 92-116 days pass... The pink subspecies ripens faster - after 78-88 days, in rainy weather, the period increases by 4-12 days.

early ripening;


long shelf life;

good yield.

tendency to disease late blight.

Popular tomato variety with unique characteristics - Mongolian dwarf

Tomato variety from Japanese breeders - characteristic of Pink Paradise


Tomatoes have a round-flat shape and a dense structure. The average weight ranges from 220 to 240 grams, there are individual specimens weighing up to 280 grams... At the stage of technical maturity, the fruits are colored in a uniform red color without spots. Fruit ripening is amicable, the taste is harmonious, sweet and sour, there are few seeds.

The bush is well leafy, does not exceed a height of 1 m and forms many shoots of medium vigor. Flower ovaries consist of 4-6 fruits and are formed mainly on the tops of the trunks.

The variety is characterized by an abundant yield, amounting to 20-36 kg of tomatoes per 1 sq. m. From one bush, on average, you can get 8-9 kg of fruit.

When growing a tomato "General" stepchildren do not remove from the bushes.

Early ripe variety, fruiting occurs in 107-110 days from the moment of sowing the seeds.

ovaries form even in the heat;

rarely affected by pests and diseases;

fruits do not crack;

abundant productivity.

not stable resistance to late blight.


Round-oval tomatoes, formed in brushes of up to 5-6 pieces in each bunch... The average weight of a ripe fruit is about 50 grams. The integumentary skin is dense, painted in a rich bright red color. The fruits have a good "tomato" sweet-sour taste and pleasant aroma.

The plant is compact, undersized, with a maximum height of no more than 0.5 m. The foliage of the bush is medium, sufficient to protect the fruits from sunburn.

One bush gives 3.5-4 kg of tomatoes. Productivity from 1 sq. m is 6-9 kg.

It is recommended to form bushes into three trunks and be sure to tie them to a support.

The variety is ultra-early, the growing season ranges from 80 to 95 days from the moment the first shoots appear... Fruit ripening is simultaneous.

early ripening;

compact size of the bush;

good taste;


This fleshy variety is worth trying to grow on your site - the Miracle of the earth tomato

Unpretentious tomato "Sanka" - detailed characteristics of the variety


Fruit weight 130-150 grams, beautiful shape, round... The firm integument has a golden orange color, flesh of a fleshy consistency and a sweet taste with a slight acidity.

Determinate medium-tall hybrid with strong, spreading shoots and a large leaf mass. The height of the bush is 0.7-0.9 meters. The first inflorescence is formed above 6-7 leaves, the next after 1-2. The main stem forms up to 5 bunches of 5-7 fruits.

The Firebird hybrid is capable of producing up to 13-14 kg of fruits per 1 sq. m.

When growing, the bushes require the formation of 1-2 trunks and a garter to the trellises.

Early ripe variety, yields a harvest in 90-105 days from the moment of seed germination.

early maturity;

persistent immunity to many diseases;

good adaptability to weather conditions;

the skin does not burst when ripe.

the need to form and tie a bush.

Red buffalo

Tomatoes are large-fruited, tomatoes are characterized by a rounded, slightly flattened shape and a uniform bright red color. The mass of a ripe tomato reaches 500 grams and more... The pulp is fine-grained, juicy with a pleasant, sweet taste.

An indeterminate bush, well leafy, strong and powerful, can grow up to a height of 2 m. Fruits are formed in small clusters of 3-4 pieces.

8-10 kg of tomatoes can be removed from 1 bush. m in the greenhouse is up to 30 kg, in the open field up to 24 kg of large fruits.

A feature of cultivating the variety is the mandatory pinching of the top.

Ripening takes 95-100 days from the time of germination.

temperature drops do not affect the development of fruiting;

the hybrid is resistant to most typical diseases;

beautiful large fruits with good taste;

early ripeness.

pinching and formation of bushes is required;

the whole fruit does not fit into the jar.

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