We tell about the beneficial properties of calendula as a siderat

We tell about the beneficial properties of calendula as a siderat

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Siderata are plants that are able to restore the soil and saturate it with all the necessary trace elements. To do this, it is enough for them to grow in the beds as a healer, and after the end of the growing season, green manure grasses are plowed into the soil for decomposition and subsequent enrichment of the soil.

The list of green manure plants is quite large, but we will consider the most common species with which not only gardeners are familiar - calendula.

Calendula as a siderat

The absentee name for calendula is marigold. The plant builds up a lush green mass, overflowing with important micronutrients.

Given the characteristics of the plant, we can safely say that this plant is one of the best green manure, which is difficult to find equal.

The benefits of calendula for the soil

During the summer period, marigolds grow up to a maximum of 20 cm, but this is enough for the benefit of neighboring plants during the growing season, and for the soil, after burying the mowed calendula into the ground.

During the growth period, its roots enrich the soil: ethers, phytoncides and other useful micro-substances.

This has a beneficial effect on the composition of the earth and disinfects it. The mowed green of the marigolds, laid between the growing beds during decomposition, enhances its properties, and has a sanitizing (disinfecting) effect for growing breeds.

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Features of planting marigolds

Sowing of seeds is carried out on the vacated places from the main "settlers" of the beds. The choice of place should take into account that after the onset of frost, the greens will be covered with soil.

The rate for sowing seeds is 100 - 150 grams of seeds per 1 hundred square meters... Calendula does not require additional or special cultivation rules, except for watering.

The most correct and suitable time for sowing calendula is the second half of August.

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Calendula care

This plant does not require special care, let alone top dressing.... This is an unpretentious plant and will be grateful to watering only during a dry period. In the case of a rainy month, watering is not required.

Calendula is the best assistant and healer of your infield. Where in the past, where marigold flowers bloomed violently, it is a good place for planting breeds of the Solanaceae family.

The soil in which the calendula decomposed is disinfected, and the risk of losing the crop due to soil pests or mold is excluded. Siderat - gold on the site, itself is not whimsical, but satisfies the needs of many other plants.

Don't underestimate calendula - the plant is small, but it does great things.

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