An excellent organic plant food found in almost every kitchen

An excellent organic plant food found in almost every kitchen

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The main benefit of organic fertilizers is the ability to enrich the soil and nourish crops, entering into symbiosis with the world of plants itself.

✅ What are the benefits of potato peelings for the garden

Potato peelings contain a large amount of trace elements that improve plant growth. There are a number of advantages of such organic fertilizers:

  • Budget, the ability to cook in any season.
  • Improvement of soil structure. Regular application of organic matter makes the soil loose and light, thanks to which the rhizome of plants receives nutrients and oxygen in full.
  • In some cases, potato peelings are superior to mineral complexes in terms of the saturation of nutrients.
  • Refusal from chemical fertilizers allows you to get an environmentally friendly crop due to the fact that nitrates do not accumulate in the vascular system of crops.
  • Nitrogen compounds stimulate the growth of young shoots, and potato peelings do not have such an effect on weeds.

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For what crops is it suitable

Currants, blackberries and raspberries

Berry crops love glucose and starch, which are abundant in potato peelings. Such fertilization will increase the size of the berries and make them juicier.

You need to start feeding at the stage of the appearance of ovaries... The peel of the potato is buried near the bushes to a depth of 20 cm. Peelings are also added during the ripening of the berries, and then during the harvesting period. The bushes are watered with infused potato flour twice a month.

Onions, garlic and root vegetables

These crops are best fertilized with a decoction of potato skins. Top dressing begins in the second half of May, the frequency is every two weeks.

Melons and gourds

Peelings are used when planting seeds - potato flour or chopped peel is placed on the bottom of the hole. The organic layer is covered with earth. Then the procedure is repeated one more time.
Such a procedure will provide seedlings with nutrients for a long time. And to build up the green mass of melons, it is recommended to water them with tinctures from purifications.


Usually, such organics are used immediately after transplanting a room culture.

It is better not to use potato-based fertilizers for feeding tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.

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How to make potato peels as fertilizer

Potato skins can be used in several ways. The easiest way is to scatter cleanings around the area and dig it up... This procedure can be carried out both in autumn and in spring.

Cleaning options:

  • Decoction... Potato peel is poured with boiling water and left to infuse for 2-3 days. Strain after a few days. Water the plants with decoction twice a month.
  • Nutrient Blend... The skins need to be dried or frozen, placed in a barrel (can be replaced with any other container). Leave to infuse for two days, stirring several times a day. It is recommended to use this nutritious gruel after transplanting.
  • Flour... Rinse the cleanings well, dry and grind in a blender (or meat grinder). Sprinkle the soil around the crops with the prepared powder. You can store this in fabric bags.

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How to deposit correctly

There are several ways to apply organic fertilizing to the soil:

  • Spreading the cleanings themselves over the site with its further digging.
  • Laying on the bottom of the hole when planting plants.
  • Grinding into flour and scattering it over the area.
  • Digging into the soil already during the growth of horticultural and horticultural crops.

How often should you use

The minimum interval between dressings with potato peelings is two weeks... Subject to such a break, crops will receive optimal nutrition for full growth and development.

The interval between dressings can be increased to three weeks. But with an even greater gap between fertilization, the procedure itself will not make sense.

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