When to plant according to the lunar calendar: favorable dates from February to June in 2021

When to plant according to the lunar calendar: favorable dates from February to June in 2021

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Did you have such that seeds were sown on time, but the harvest turned out to be meager?

And this is because you do not take into account the influence of the moon on plant growth, therefore, when planning a planting, it is advisable to check with the lunar calendar.

Planting dates for seedlings according to the lunar calendar in 2021

Why are the phases of the moon taken into account when landing?

The influence of the lunar cycle on plant growth is a scientific fact, and not just a popular omen and superstition. The experiment proved that wheat grains grew faster when sowing was done on a full moon. And plants planted with a young and growing moon showed an unsuccessful result.

Further experiments revealed that seedlings absorb water on a full moon many times faster than on a new moon. Experiments carried out in dark rooms showed an amazing result, despite the absence of moon or sunlight, the plants also reacted to the change in the phases of the moon. Therefore, it is not advisable to deny the beneficial effects of the moon.

New moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter are the main phases of the lunar cycle. For each of them, we will consider the appropriate types of work with soil and plants.

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What else you need to pay attention to

But, in addition to the influence of the moon, it is important to take into account environmental factors when landing. They are divided into three groups:

  • unregulated factors (winter air temperature, thickness of snow cover, solar radiation, spring-summer return of cold weather, amount of precipitation per month, soil composition);
  • partially regulated factors (soil moisture, water and wind erosion, microbiological saturation of the soil);
  • adjustable factors (choice of plant varieties).

The quantity and quality of the harvest is influenced not only by the moon, but also by other factors that should not be forgotten. If you rely only on the "magic" of the moon, then you are unlikely to reap a bountiful harvest.

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