TOP 5 varieties of cherry tomatoes for growing in the new season

TOP 5 varieties of cherry tomatoes for growing in the new season

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Cherry tomatoes have recently begun to be in great demand, because they are not only outwardly unusual, similar to cherries, but also boast a delicate tomato flavor.

Sweet million

The variety is small-fruited, the tomatoes are small, round, weighing only 15-20 grams. Top covered with a thin skin of a bright red color. The pulp is dense, juicy, sugars prevail in the taste.

The bush is indeterminate, reaching an impressive height - up to 2.5 meters in the greenhouse and 1.8 meters in the open field. The inflorescences are simple, up to 20 fruits are formed in the clusters.

The plant gives stable, high yields with many fruits, it is literally strewn with tomatoes from top to bottom, you can collect from 200 to 300 pieces of cherry from one bush.

The advantage of the variety is its high yield, with 1 sq. meters get 7-8 kg of cherry.

Bushes of the "Sweet Million" variety necessarily require formation and pinching... In terms of ripening, the tomato belongs to the early species, the first tomatoes can be harvested 90-100 days after seed germination. Cherries in the brush are poured evenly and ripen together.

high productivity;

excellent taste and type of fruit;


early maturity.

bush formation is required;

need to be tied to supports.

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Cherry yellow

Fruits are round, smooth, weighing 15 to 20 grams... At the stage of removable maturity, the integumentary skin will acquire a rich yellow color. Tomatoes are very sweet, delicious and aromatic.

Plants are semi-sprawling, grow up to 150 cm. They are characterized by an average degree of leafiness and branching. In one brush, 50-60 fruits are tied.

On average, the yield of one bush is about 1-2 kg of tomatoes, in rare cases it can reach 3 kg.

Cherry varieties "Yellow Cherry" are focused on growing in the open field. The culture is early maturing, from the moment of sowing the seeds to harvesting the cherry, 92-96 days pass.

early ripening;

good taste;

optimal yield level.

susceptibility to certain diseases.

Black cherry

Tomatoes are small, round, the weight of one does not exceed 20 grams... The color of the fruit and pulp is unusual, purple-black. The advantage of the variety is the original sweetish taste, reminiscent of sweets, with a rich aroma.

Tomato stems resemble a vine, reaching a height of 250-300 cm. Brushes are tied on the shoots, in which up to 20 tomatoes ripen at the same time. The bush has a peculiarity - the lateral stems are thicker than the main one, it is on them that the largest amount of ovary is formed.

The yield of one plant with proper care can be 5 kg or more.

The period from the appearance of the first shoots to the first harvest takes 112-120 days.

unusual type of fruit;

high taste indicators;

the skin cracks when overripe;

the bush needs to be shaped.

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Crazy Cherries Barry

Cherry tomatoes are plum-shaped with a pointed "nose" and a weight of 20-25 grams... At the stage of ripeness, they are colored in a light yellow color. The pulp is juicy, crunchy, with a sweet-spicy taste. The skin does not break when ripe.

Bushes of an indeterminate type, tall, powerful, 160 cm high. The plant forms highly branched clusters resembling grapes, each of which can set up to 300 fruits.

One tomato bush yields 2 to 2.5 kg of small tomatoes.

Best results are obtained when growing outdoors and forming a three-stem plant... The ripening period of tomatoes is 100-110 days.

good productivity;

exquisite taste and appearance of tomatoes;

unpretentious cultivation;

shelf life up to 1 month;

resistance to diseases of the nightshade.

bushes must be tied up;

average level of frost resistance.

Octopus cherry

The fruits are relatively large, about 35 grams in size... They are bright red in color, round in shape. The pulp is dense in structure with a high dry matter content and few seeds. The taste is harmonious, sweet and sour.

This is a real tomato tree with great vigor and a very branched crown. The plant is powerful, 1.8-2 meters high. Fruits are collected in elongated clusters of 16-20 pieces.

The variety is the record holder for productivity. From one bush, you can collect up to 12 kg of excellent fruits.

The Cherry Octopus hybrid does not have to be formed into two or three trunks, it can have many fruiting branches, resembling a multi-segmented octopus. From the moment of sowing seedlings to the stage of fruiting, no more than 110 days pass.

very plentiful productivity;

persistent immunity to tomato diseases;

harmonious taste;

strong skin.

full crown formation is required;

yield depends on the nutritional value of the soil;

poor tolerance to low temperatures.

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