5 fragrant green and purple basil varieties perfect for a greenhouse

5 fragrant green and purple basil varieties perfect for a greenhouse

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Basil is a plant with a bright taste and delicate aroma. There are many varieties of basil, they differ in aroma, color and size of leaves.

You can grow spice not only in summer, but also in winter in a greenhouse.

Let's take a look at 5 of the best greenhouse varieties.


Annual crop with a bush height of 40 to 60 cm, grows more slowly than other basil varieties... The plant is bushy with many large, up to 8 cm long, dark purple leaves with a purple tint and bright crimson flowers.

The weight of one plant is 190 g. Opal differs from other varieties of vegetable basil - it is more spicy, with a peppery aroma and a pleasant tangy taste. The yield is 1.1 - 2 kg per 1 sq. meters.

A plant with mid-ripening terms of maturity, the greens are harvested 55 - 60 days after the first shoots, which become clearly visible 7 - 10 days after sowing the seeds in the greenhouse.

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It is a hybrid of American and aromatic varieties. A compact plant with a straight stem and many branches, an average height of 0.4 meters. Leaves, 7.1 cm long, bright green, oblong in shape with sharp, slightly jagged edges.

It blooms from 14 to 45 days with white or light yellow flowers. A distinctive feature of the variety is a bright lemon aroma.

The mass of one plant is 170 - 260 g. The time for collecting greens begins in 33 - 38 days from the moment of full germination.

The yield of the variety is high, 1.9 - 2.9 kg per 1 sq. meters.

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Herbaceous annual plant, reaching a height of 50 - 70 cm. The stem is straight, densely covered with shoots and leaves. It blooms on the tips of the shoots with small light flowers, collected in inflorescences.

Leaves are rarely toothed, 5.5 cm long can be both green and purple. The variety stands out for its tart taste and a very strong peppery specific aroma. FROM60 - 65 days pass from the time of the first shoots to the moment of harvest.

Average yield 2.1 kg per 1 sq. measure.


Vegetable variety, the plant of which grows up to 60 cm high. The bush is highly branched, erect, looks compact. The foliage is elongated, medium in size with small notches.

The color of the foliage is violet-green, the inflorescences are painted in lilac color... It has a pungent, spicy taste and aniseed aroma. Harvesting is carried out 71 days after seed germination. The main sign of readiness for assembly is the formation of small buds.

Productivity per 1 sq. meter is equal to 2 - 2.4 kg.

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A compact plant, 30 - 40 cm high, with rather large, drooping, serrated leaves, 7.4 cm long. The bush is well leafy, blooms in clusters of small snow-white flowers.

The foliage is attractive, bright green, slightly elongated. The peculiarity of the variety is a strong and bright "clove" aroma with subtle notes of pepper... The variety is early ripe, you can start collecting spices after 24 - 43 days from the moment of the first shoots, which appear 12 - 14 days from the moment of sowing the seeds.

The yield ranges from 1.0 to 2.4 kg per sq. meter.

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