Growing beets in a greenhouse - 5 varieties that are great for planting

Growing beets in a greenhouse - 5 varieties that are great for planting

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Beets are not only delicious, but also a very healthy root vegetable. It is enriched with vitamin C, carotene, fiber, phosphorus, calcium.

Therefore, many grow beets in greenhouses.

Consider which varieties are the most productive for planting in greenhouse conditions.


Fruits are rounded, slightly flattened, maroon shade. One root vegetable weighs an average of 0.5 kg. Bohemia is fully ripe 80 days after planting. Prefers neutral fertile soil.

When leaving, it does not require thinning. Beets are resistant to the development of diseases and pests.

It is necessary to water once a week. Planting is recommended closer to December. It has a high yield - you can collect about 5 kg from one square. m.

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Red ball

Gives rounded fruits of deep red color with a purple tint. It will be possible to harvest the finished crop in 65-100 days after planting. The average weight of one root crop is 200-500 g.

The variety is juicy. Productivity - 4-6 kg per sq. m.

Does not tolerate low temperatures, so planting is better in autumn or spring. When growing on infertile land, it is imperative to feed the plant.


Root crop of the correct elongated shape, maroon shade. The average weight of one specimen is 350 g. It pleases vegetable growers with a consistently rich harvest. Fruits can be stored for a long time... After planting, they fully mature on day 80. The heart is juicy and sweetish on the palate.

"Kozak" is not susceptible to flowering, not prone to cercosporia disease.

Can be planted as seedlings. They require regular watering, loosening, fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

Black Widow

Fruits, ready to harvest, grow 90-100 days after planting. The variety is distinguished by a bountiful harvest - from one square. m. it will turn out to collect about 7 kg.

"Black Widow" has a rounded shape, smooth surface, burgundy-scarlet hue. Fruit weight reaches 200 g. Absolutely not picky about care. Planting should be done from early spring to mid-autumn.

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It goes through a stage of maturation within 60-115 days. As a result, rather large root crops (up to 0.5 kg) with a rough surface are obtained.

The color is deep scarlet with a purple tint. The yield is high - up to 8 kg per square meter. m.

To increase it, it is necessary to regularly apply mineral fertilizers. It is better to plant in the middle of spring.

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