Beautiful roses on your site - 5 varieties great for a greenhouse

Beautiful roses on your site - 5 varieties great for a greenhouse

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Rose is a flower that, when fully grown, always pleases the eye, delights.

Bouquets become an adornment of any garden, in cut form - a room.

Consider what varieties of roses can be easily grown in greenhouse conditions.


A beautiful variety with pale yellow petals, sometimes with a pinkish undertone... Large buds with a double surface. You can plant sprouts in mid-autumn or early spring.

In the period of active growth, pointed buds with a high center appear. Shoots are tall, erect, with a lot of foliage. Hook-shaped spines, large.

The plant requires additional protection from pests. Sensitive to rainy weather due to thin petals. They need high humidity, otherwise the petals dry out quickly and begin to crumble.

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Powerful upright bush with tall but narrow shoots. Abundant dark green foliage has a matte surface - a harmonious background for delicate white buds... Flowers are goblet regular, tight, dense.

When they just start to bloom, they are covered with a border of a greenish tint. They grow singly, but in large numbers. It is better to plant by the end of autumn.

An unpretentious variety, but in order to obtain a rich harvest, it requires regular watering and feeding. Cut "Pascal" retains its original appearance for a long time.


A tea variety with a very delicate and presentable exterior. The buds are goblet-shaped with a pleasant pink hue, sometimes with a pale orange dusting.

They have a pleasant, pronounced aroma. The height of the bush can reach 1 meter. It is better to start growing in mid-late February..

For full-fledged growth, it needs additional fertilizing, it is characterized by an average resistance to diseases and pests.


The shape of the flower, atypical for a rose, is rounded-pointed. Bright orange petals with a red tint... The buds are small and flat, up to 7 cm in diameter. They can grow in inflorescences, three in each.

The bushes are compact, medium-sized. Shoots are covered with small thorns. The foliage is dark green in color with a glossy surface. Can be grown all year round - resistant to low temperatures.

The only requirement is that the flower must be protected from black spot.

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Better Times

Variety with tall red buds with burgundy tint. Shoots are long, erect. The leaves have a leathery texture. The plant is distinguished by abundant flowering. Can grow in any conditions, resistant to temperature changes... Does not have any special requirements for care.

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