Ceoflora and other soils for orchids: which to prefer?

Ceoflora and other soils for orchids: which to prefer?

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Orchid lovers are often faced with the issue of transhipment of the plant. The flower has been bought and is waiting for transplantation to a new place, but where to place it?

Some growers prefer ready-made soil, some buy individual ingredients and make them on their own. What is more suitable for green favorites?

The article tells in detail about what soils exist, about their pluses and minuses, characteristic features, as well as how to choose the most suitable composition for your flower.

Pros and cons of the finished substrate

What is good for a purchased substrate:

  • Convenience of packing - measured in liters, it is suitable when calculating how many orchids need to be transplanted.
  • There are ready-made mixtures where you do not need to buy additional moss or drainage.
  • There are soils additionally enriched with minerals. This makes it possible not to feed the plants additionally.
  • Manufacturers produce different versions of the compositions: complex and mono-component, depending on the type of epiphyte and the individual preferences of its owner.

Among the disadvantages is the average quality of some brands, where the production allows:

  • uneven fraction of bark and expanded clay;
  • blotches of debris or debris;
  • infestation with parasites.

There are packages where it is impossible for the buyer to consider the condition of the product, and when opened, mold, mustiness and other imperfections are revealed.

Homemade and purchased mixture: which is better?

It is difficult to say unequivocally what will be better for your plants - a ready-made mixture or one made with your own hands. If you are just starting to get acquainted with these flowers and decided to plant phalaenopsis or cattleya, then it will hardly be convenient for you to understand the ratios of moss and bark.

It is much easier to read a number of reviews and purchase ready-made primerwithout bothering, and then focus on your experience, trying out different types of combinations.

An experienced breeder develops his own optimal composition, depending on how many species and which ones. For some, this is just boiled bark, someone prefers the addition of expanded clay or coconut base. Sometimes only personal experience helps to find the best solution.


Ready-made substrates for orchids are found in various volumes (from 1 to 6 liters), containers (bag, doy-pack, plastic bucket) and composition. Let's list the most common ones.

Kekkila (Finland)

Designed for all types of orchids. The basis of the soil is made up of:

  • charcoal;
  • expanded clay crushed stone;
  • tree bark;
  • sphagnum.

The advantage of the soil is that it has a rough structure as close as possible to natural conditions. Such fibers are highly breathable. Does not contain fertilizers and additives.

Minus: it is not sold in small quantities, it is supplied in a package for 6 liters at once (about 2 kg).

Cost: from 338 to 635 rubles. per packing. It is found in specialized and online stores (,


It is declared as a premium soil. Contains: natural pine bark, sphagnum moss and charcoal, packed in a separate bag. Suitable for all types of orchids, including papiopedilum, calant, miltonium.

Product pros:

  • convenient packaging with a transparent window through which you can see the state of the substrate;
  • ranking the layers so that they can be selected and mixed in the amount required by the florist;
  • all pieces of bark and coal are the same size.

Issue price: packaging of 2.5 liters can be found in Leroy Merlin from 66 rubles, on small Internet sites ( - 79 rubles.

"Living World" (Belarus)

The substrate is nutritious, suitable for all types of epiphytic. Consists of fractions of pine bark (steamed), expanded clay of various sizes.


  • can be used as a supplement to a self-made substrate to give lightness to the base;
  • the bark does not require additional heat treatment.


  • contains a lot of shaving dust, in some bags the bark is chopped into thin strips;
  • small packing.

Price: package of 1.5 liters - 115 rubles. (, "Obi" - 159 rubles, can be found in large chain stores with gardening departments.


Consists of a mixture of 50% high-moor peat and 50% pine bark.

Designed for unpretentious orchids (Phalaenopsis, Cambria, Oncidium, Cattleya and others), but can be used as a component for soil of other, more demanding species.

Plus - the uniformity of components in size, medium-sized pieces of bark.


  • there are specimens infected with the fly and worms of the mushroom gnat;
  • not everyone likes its looseness.

Price range - from 52 rubles. for 1 liter. It can be found in the assortment of Perekrestok-Online stores, Magnit stores, and business departments.

"Effect Bio" (NPO "BioTechnology", Russia)

It consists entirely of bark (Angara pine). The manufacturer promises processing of the material, but in some packages the pine is muted and dried. There are various degrees of fraction: 8-13 mm, 13-19 mm, 19-28 mm. Has a wide range of applications, including not only for planting orchids.


  • the ability to select the size of the pieces;
  • easy to mix with other handcrafting ingredients;
  • the finest fraction is optimal for mini-varieties.

Cons: not suitable for novice growerswho want to buy ready-made soil with all the components at once.

Price range: 300 rubles. on the manufacturer's website (from 165 rubles wholesale), - 270 rubles, Ozone - 394 rubles. It can also be found on the shelves of hypermarkets, in household departments and seed stores.

"Seramis" (Germany)

Granulate for planting. The composition includes the bark of Portuguese pine, a large fraction of clay, calcium fertilizers from lime and dolomite in the form of drainage balls.

The advantage of the soil is its lightness, the pieces of bark are of approximately the same size and are cut thickly, without extra sticks or debris.


  • there are many rotten pine particles that form the basis of the granulate, because of this, parts of the soil seem small;
  • high price.

Cost: on 2.5 liters costs from 571 to 601 rubles, - from 525 rubles. According to customer reviews, it is rarely found in free sale, more often it is purchased via the Internet.

"Black Gold"

Universal soil, which means it is suitable for most orchids of different ages: from adolescents to perennials. Most of it is the coconut substrate with the addition of pine bark, which will give the filler additional aeration.


  • has no smell;
  • suitable for repeated use;
  • the manufacturer promises the absence of parasites and pathogenic microflora.

Cons: requires the addition of additional components.

Price: from 108 rubles for 2 liters in flower shops, rarely found in hypermarkets.

"Flower happiness"

Presented as a soil of universal properties with microelements. The composition includes:

  • larch bark;
  • horse peat;
  • expanded clay drainage;
  • coal.

Designed for most epiphytes:

  • Cattleya.
  • Phalaenopsis.
  • Cymbidium.
  • Miltonopsis and others.

Of the minuses, buyers call:

  • excessive dryness of the substrate;
  • large fragments of expanded clay;
  • heterogeneity of pieces of bark.

Of the advantages - the cleanliness of the soil from pests, the presence of micronutrients.

Approximate price - from 65 rubles. up to 121 rubles. for 1 liter. Sold in all business departments of super- and hypermarkets, can be purchased on the Internet sites,

"Zeoflora" (ZeoFlora)

It retains moisture well. Consists of 100% natural calcined mineral - zeolite. The product is used as a base for a primer or as a conditioner additive. The presence of trace elements inside the zeolite gives the effect of feeding in the dose necessary for the orchid.


  • sterility of the composition;
  • does not break with water and does not thicken over time;
  • the root system of the plant is stimulated due to the presence of a complex with phosphorus, potassium and silicon in the mineral;
  • porosity of the structure provides better air penetration;
  • It will be almost impossible to "overfill" the flowers with it.

Minus: monocomponent, there is no usual set of bark and moss.

Cost: from 285 rubles per package of 2.5 liters, is freely available both in online stores and in specialized outlets.


Suitable for stimulating the growth of orchids and their nutrition. It has the properties of fertilizing-feeding in the presence of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a dosage safe for the plant. Inside the package is a mixture of milled peat, limestone drainage materials and large pine bark.


  • in the composition - organic substances without unnecessary impurities and debris;
  • universality of soil.

Cons: non-classical composition, which will not suit demanding varieties of epiphytes.

Price: 85 rub. for 5 liters (, from 44 rubles. in small wholesale shops for gardeners and gardeners.


Ready to use immediately, has nutritional properties. Suitable for the most common types of orchids, including bromeliads. Maintains a high level of decorative plants.

The composition stated:

  • drainage particles (expanded clay);
  • peat;
  • coal;
  • tree bark.


  • a complex composition that meets the needs of most novice florists;
  • the presence of expanded clay and coal will prevent the soil from caking, promotes air exchange;
  • more often than other brands are found in stores.

Disadvantages: uneven substrate, the bark is often not processed and has resin residues.

Price: chain "Russian Garden" - 59 rubles. for 2.5 liters, - from 145 rubles. up to 160 rubles. for the same volume (prices depend on the region of purchase and the seller). It's just as easy to find in most home improvement chain stores.

Top best soil

Soils can be considered the most acceptable in terms of cost. (from 59 rubles per 1 liter):

  • Geolia;
  • "Black Gold";
  • "Flower Happiness";
  • "Fasco";
  • "Ambulance".

Living World also has an affordable price, but it is not found in all cities of Russia. The same can be said about the Black Gold soil. In terms of composition, Seramis is most praised (from 571 rubles per 5 liters), although there is a lot of fine fraction in its mixture. They have proven themselves well on the forums of flower growers Kekkila "Ceoflora", Geolia.

The most negative reviews are found among users of the ambulance soil, where in some of the packs they found both a worm and a mushroom gnat.

What to rely on when choosing?

When choosing a ready-made soil for orchids, you need to be aware of exactly what composition is needed specifically for your plant. If you have unpretentious Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, the product is suitable where the composition will indicate:

  • bark;
  • charcoal;
  • sphagnum moss.

Wanda, Miltonia, Dracula already need other components.

Some growers prefer one-component substrates in order to form their soil on their basis. In this respect, the Bio Effect is convenient with pieces of bark of various sizes.

Universal soil is not suitable for whimsical, demanding varieties of epiphytes, and Phalaenopsis feels good even without a mixture of the "premium" class.

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