Features, purchase and types of orchids from Vietnam. How to plant and grow a flower from a bulb?

Features, purchase and types of orchids from Vietnam. How to plant and grow a flower from a bulb?

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The orchid from Vietnam is an unusual plant. But you can only bring a flower from this country in the form of a bulb. After that, it will need to be planted and wait for the flower to grow.

We will tell you how to properly grow a Vietnamese orchid from a bulb, what types of flowers exist, what pests can attack the plant and how to deal with them.

Features of the

The orchid from Vietnam is a bulbous plant. Under natural conditions, the culture grows on the trunks of giant trees. The most suitable climate for such orchids is a high level of humidity, as well as a lot of light.

There are two types of orchids in Vietnam:

  • terrestrial - grow in areas where debris and humus accumulate, are distinguished by bright colors and large dense leaves;
  • air - grow on the trunks of crops, the buds grow from top to bottom and are distinguished by a light delicate aroma.

reference! Only an orchid bulb can be removed from Vietnam; it will not be possible to bring a flowerpot from this country.

Types of Vietnamese bulbous flowers: names, descriptions and photos

The most popular types of Vietnamese cultures are as follows.


The buds grow up to 8 cm in diameter... The petals are green-orange in color with dark spots in the form of dots and stripes.


A characteristic feature is that only one bud of a green-pink hue can bloom on one peduncle.


A distinctive feature is the lower flowers, which can be of very different colors. The lower petals look like shoes.


This type of orchid blooms earlier than other subspecies. The peduncle grows short. Usually no more than 2 flowers grow on a peduncle., up to 7 cm in diameter.


Differs in large buds, growing up to 10 cm in diameter, combining brown and purple colors.


It is distinguished by burgundy petals in a white (sometimes milky or light yellow) border.


This type of orchid blooms for 100 days.... The flowers are yellow. It seems that the petals are covered with wax.

Where and how much can you buy?

Vietnamese orchids can be found in major flower shops. Also, such varieties are presented in a wide range in online stores. There, the cost of a plant starts at 900 rubles. Delivery price depends on the region.

If you are directly in Vietnam, then you can safely go to any flower shop. There you can choose from a variety of products to your taste and wallet. But do not forget that you only need to purchase a bulb.

Cheaper plants can be found in the flower markets of Vietnam. There the assortment will be more varied. The most affordable prices in the Cho Dam market in Nha Trang.

Step-by-step landing instructions

Why do you need it?

  • If you brought a bulb from the store, you need to immediately transplant it into the ground. Otherwise, the bulb will die without giving a single root.
  • If you purchased a small shoot of an orchid, then it also needs to be transplanted into another container in order to avoid rotting of the culture.
  • In addition, in the process of plant growth and development, the acidity of the soil decreases, so it needs to be renewed. In the absence of a transplant, the substrate will become dense, because of which its decomposition begins and the growth of roots slows down.
  • If the orchid grows in bark substrate, then the frequency of replanting is every 3 years. When planting in sphagnum, the substrate is changed every 2 years.

Do not wait for the transplant schedule in the following cases:

  • rotting of the culture has begun (usually this is due to excessive watering);
  • pests and diseases appeared in the substrate;
  • decomposition of the soil occurs.

What do you need from the inventory?

From the inventory, you will need the bulb itself or the process of a plant, a flowerpot (always transparent), as well as a substrate.

reference! For starters, don't buy a large flowerpot. A pot with a diameter of 10 cm will be enough.

How to prepare the ground?

It is best to purchase a ready-made substrate.... Make sure it contains the following ingredients:

  • sphagnum moss;
  • bark (only coniferous tree);
  • coconut chips.

It is also recommended to supplement the purchased mixture with rockwool fiber.

But you can prepare the potting mix yourself. To do this, you need to take the following components:

  • pine bark (take only peeled from resin);
  • charcoal ;
  • sphagnum moss;
  • peat;
  • sand (preferably river sand, as it is the largest);
  • expanded clay for the drainage layer (can be replaced with perlite or broken brick).

All components must be thoroughly mixed to increase their aeration. You can also add chalk or lime to increase the calcium content in the soil.

How to plant correctly?

Vietnamese orchid bulb planting algorithm:

  1. Moisten the potting mix well.
  2. Put stones at the bottom of the flowerpot and pour expanded clay (this will be a drainage layer).
  3. Pour the substrate almost to the very top of the pot.
  4. Place the onion in a pot, set it in the soil, deepening 10-15 mm.
  5. Support the onion with a stick to fix it.
  6. Put the flowerpot in a bright place.

reference! Until the roots appear, the Vietnamese orchid is not watered.

Problems and difficulties

Most often, the planted bulb is attacked by thrips, ticks, as well as roundworms. To get rid of thrips, you need:

  1. isolate the plant;
  2. rinse the onion under running water;
  3. and then carry out the treatment with insecticides.

If the orchid was attacked by nematodes, it will not work to reanimate it.

If you notice that the culture has begun to wither, but pests are invisible on it, dip the flowerpot in soda water.

How to grow at home?

In order for the Vietnamese orchid to develop quickly and fully, it needs to provide optimal conditions.:

  • the air temperature should fluctuate between 18-24 degrees above zero;
  • keep the air humidity at the level of 70-85% (do not allow the humidity to drop to 50% and below);
  • apply a complex fertilizer designed specifically for orchids every month;
  • in the summer, water every day, and in the winter - once a week after the top layer of the soil has completely dried;
  • put a pot with an orchid in a lighted place, but at the same time protect it from direct sunlight;
  • in winter, arrange additional lighting.

The orchid from Vietnam is a gorgeous plant that catches everyone's eye. The culture does not require much maintenance. The most important thing is to follow all the recommendations regularly and systematically.

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