Adorable phalaenopsis mini orchids: varieties, features of home care

Adorable phalaenopsis mini orchids: varieties, features of home care

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Mini orchids are considered ideal plants for small spaces, suitable for any interior style, helping to create a cozy atmosphere in every home. Their graceful beauty and unpretentious care quickly gained the attention and popularity of indoor flower lovers.

The main advantages of dwarf orchids are: a long flowering period, a variety of color palettes and compactness. The height of an adult plant is 15-30 cm, there are also very miniature specimens, the growth of which does not exceed 10 cm. Peduncles of mini-orchids have more flowers than ordinary species.

Varieties: description, photo

In modern indoor floriculture, several of the most popular varieties of mini-phalaenopsis are distinguished.


A variety of dwarf orchids with a pleasant, pronounced aroma and unsurpassed beauty of flowers.

Their main feature is the unique shape of a single, sharply contrasting with the others in color and shape, petal - lips.

The leaves of this tropical plant are usually small, up to about 10 cm in length. The flowers are large, of various color combinations, often reaching 8-10 cm in diameter. The most common Cattleya subspecies include:

  • Giant.
  • Triana.
  • Forbes.
  • Cattleya bicolor.
  • Bowring's view, etc.

This type of plant is characterized by high requirements for the conditions of care and cultivation.


This is a varietal group of dwarf orchids, which is distinguished by abundant beautiful flowering, accompanied by a pleasant aroma. The flower stalks of plants are in a hanging position, surrounded by narrow-leaved greenery. The color of the petals in cymbidiums is most often found in pink, cream, yellow, red, brown and green shades.

The most preferred types are:

  • Cymbidium is lanceolate.
  • Cymbidium is dwarf.
  • Lowe.
  • Day.
  • The cymbidium is giant.
  • Tracey.

Representatives of this variety of mini-orchids are unpretentious to the conditions of home cultivation.


One of the smallest varieties of dwarf orchids, with small narrow leaves, a relatively long peduncle with a large number of small (no more than 3 cm in diameter) flowers, usually 12-14 pieces.

These plants are very similar in their properties and characteristics to ordinary Phalaenopsis orchids and practically are their reduced copy.


A variety of mini-phalaenopsis with numerous (about 7 pieces) striped flowers of bright purple or purple color and a brownish tint of the tips of their petals. Flowers are located on a strong stem, up to 20 cm long.


This is a hybrid species of dwarf orchids, obtained by crossing two phalaenopsis varieties - "Shilera" and "Stuart". He has silvery green leaves and flowers in all shades of purpleplaced on a peduncle of medium height.

Why is it important to properly care for the plant?

Compliance with the correct and timely care of dwarf orchids contributes to their healthy state, increased life expectancy, abundant and lush flowering.

Failure to properly care for tropical plants can lead to wilting and weakening.

This, in turn, increases the risk of various diseases and pests affecting mini-orchids and can ultimately cause the death of a flower crop.

Required modes of temperature, humidity, lighting

Dwarf orchids, like any other indoor flowers, need certain conditions for full growth and flowering. Best suited for them:

  • compliance with the temperature regime of the air within 20-26 ° С, without sudden changes;
  • maintaining air humidity at the level of 50-70%;
  • lack of exposure to direct sunlight on the plant;
  • periodic inspection to identify signs of an incipient disease or pest infestation;
  • timely fertilizing according to the instructions.

It is recommended to fertilize mini-orchids twice a month in the summer and once a month in the winter, always after watering.

Plant feeding should not be done during flowering or transplanting.

From the video you will learn about the features of caring for mini phalaenopsis:

Competent choice of location

The most suitable places for home growth of mini-orchids can be such areas of living space where the necessary conditions are met:

  • lack of drafts;
  • sufficient lighting;
  • no direct exposure to sunlight;
  • maintaining the desired level of air humidity;
  • suitable temperature regime;
  • the presence of specialized soil and a transparent flower pot.

Step-by-step instructions on how to care for a flower

It is recommended to follow some rules for caring for dwarf crops.

After the store

Immediately after purchasing an orchid in a store, it is recommended:

  1. Examine the plant closely for possible signs of disease.
  2. Place the flower in a place separate from other indoor plants during the adaptation period and observe.
  3. Watering during this time should be minimal.

After the adaptation period

1.5 months after the purchase of a mini-orchid, it should be transplanted into a new suitable soil. This is especially required when the store soil consists of moss.

Possible problems and difficulties

For the most part, miniature orchid varieties are unpretentious in care. Of course, like all plants, they can be exposed to some diseases or be affected by pests. In such cases, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to combat these ailments.

The most effective means here will be processing flowers with special compositions and fertilizing with fertilizers.

Mini orchids are a wonderful decoration for home furnishings. They can be used as elements of interior decor, and are often presented as an original gift.

Watch the video: Top 5 favorite Phalaenopsis Orchids hybrids (May 2022).


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