Differences of fragrant geranium from other species, features of flowering and rules for the reproduction of an odorous plant

Differences of fragrant geranium from other species, features of flowering and rules for the reproduction of an odorous plant

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The first specimens of the geranium plant were brought to Europe from the Cape of Good Hope back in the 17th century. Since that time, this unpretentious plant has spread everywhere, thanks to its good adaptation to new growing conditions.

For more than three centuries, breeders have bred several hundred species of geraniums. Among the variety of varieties of this plant, fragrant geranium occupies a special place. In our article, you can get acquainted with several types of this beautiful flower, as well as the conditions for its maintenance.

What is it and what are the differences from other species?

This humble plant cannot boast of a beautiful flowering, but its leaves are very decorative. They are delicate and look like snowflakes. And the main distinguishing feature of this flower is an unforgettable aroma that can be felt by lightly touching the plant. Scented geranium leaves can smell:

  • lemon;
  • pineapple;
  • apple;
  • strawberries.

There are about 150 aromas that are inherent in different types of this plant. Not so long ago, breeders bred a hybrid with a Coca-Cola flavor. The smallest hairs on the stems and leaves of geraniums are responsible for the spread of a subtle aroma, they contain:

  • essential oils;
  • flavonoids;
  • organic acids.

Phytoncides, which the fragrant geranium releases into the air, are capable of improving the air at a distance of 3 meters from the plant, having a detrimental effect on pathogens. Sleep in a room with geraniums will be strong, calm.

Important! Not everyone likes the strong aroma of fragrant geranium, and it can also cause allergic reactions. At the first signs of intolerance to the smell of geranium, or redness and itching after contact with a plant, you must immediately take the flower to another room, ventilate the room and consult a doctor.

Varieties, varieties and photos of an odorous plant

Lemon (Citronella)

A common plant variety and beloved by everyone. When touched or the air moves in the room, it emits a strong citrus scent. This plant is 40-90 cm tall with zonal leaves of a fleecy texture with a small dark spot at the base.

Citronella blooms with inconspicuous inflorescences of pink or light purple. The growth vector of its stems is directed downward and over time the plant can form an untidy vine that occupies the entire window sill. This possible drawback must be timely controlled by the florist.

It is important to pinch the lemon geranium from the very beginning, forming a neat bush. Lemon geranium is widely used in folk medicine for various inflammations and nasalgia.

Fragrant Pelargonium (Pelargonium odoratissimum)

Shrub up to 30 cm high with round-heart-shaped gray leaves, wavy at the edges. The leaf surface is pleasant to the touch due to the large number of short silky hairs. The fragrant geranium blooms in small white flowers, with crimson marks on the two upper petals.

Flowers of 5 pieces are collected in inflorescences. This type of geranium exudes an apple-mint aroma. The most fragrant (fragrant) geranium is suitable for indoor floriculture, but the plant does not tolerate the proximity of heat sources. The smell of the most fragrant geranium repels insects well. Moths and mosquitoes will leave the room if you put a planter with this plant there. But the disadvantage of this type of geranium is the possible allergenicity. You cannot put it in the children's room.

Candy Dancer

Geranium, whose name literally translates as "Candy Dancer", smells like the oriental sweetness of Turkish delight. Its leaves are dissected, light green, with a white edging around the edges. The flowers are small, light pink. Such geranium grows well in indoor conditions.

By placing several pots with this plant in the recreation area, you can enjoy an unusual sweet aroma at any time of the day. Some growers note the sweet smell as sugary and consider this a disadvantage of this variety.

Lady Plymouth

One of the first types of scented geranium to be obtained in Great Britain. He has many hybrids with different aromas, there are plants with a smell:

  • eucalyptus;
  • roses;
  • mint and many others.

This type of geranium has dissected green leaves with a light edging, and the flowers are small lavender.

Grows well in indoor conditions, but does not like abundant winter watering. Dry air is easily tolerated, but lighting requires maximum.

Mable Gray

This species belongs to the most fragrant geraniums and has a persistent lemon-mint aroma. Florists consider it a real treasure for several reasons:

  • Firstly, outwardly, the plant is a spectacular bush with graceful maple-shaped leaves. The texture of the leaf stands out due to the clearly defined veins and villi on the inner side of the leaf.
  • Secondly, the plant is often used as the basis for a standard crop.
  • Thirdly, the plant is stubborn to rooting cuttings, it is difficult to propagate, and this is considered the only drawback of Mabel Gray geranium.

Gray-haired lady

It is a small bush with spectacular silvery leaves, which have an openwork edge. The flowers are white, collected in small umbrellas, appear in summer. Does not tolerate waterlogging of the soil, or, conversely, excessive dryness of an earthen coma. it the delicate openwork plant, upon contact, releases natural volatile aromas similar to menthol.

Flowering fragrant plant

Below is a detailed description of whether a given plant is blooming or not and how it happens.

Scented geranium is not constantly in bloom like related varieties of ornamental plants. Compared to the beauty of its leaves, the flowers are modest and inconspicuous. They are small, pale pink in color, collected in flower stalks-umbrellas. After the flower fades, a seed capsule is formed.

Basically, flower growers grow fragrant geraniums not for the flowers, but because of the fragrant green foliage. But if there is a desire for the plant to bloom regularly at home, you must:

  • Timely removal of old inflorescences.
  • Regular formation of the bush by pinching the shoots.
  • Reasonable introduction of mineral-organic dressings.
  • Moderate watering.
  • Good illumination of the place where geranium grows.

Important! Geranium is considered an unpretentious plant and fertilizing with fertilizers is required only during the period of active growth.

In spring and summer, it is recommended to apply solutions of special complex preparations once every 2 weeks after watering. Suitable for this culture:

  1. "Mr. Color."
  2. "Gilea".
  3. Agricola.

In autumn and winter, the flower should not be watered with fertilizers more often than once every 1.5 months.... From an overabundance of certain minerals, the plant will lose the aroma and brightness of the color of the leaves and stop blooming.


At home, scented geraniums can be propagated in two ways - seed and vegetative.


This is the most affordable way of breeding geraniums at home. The advantages of this method are that the cutting takes over all the qualities of the mother plant, and its simplicity allows grafting even for beginners. It is optimal to do this in the spring.

Experienced growers advise to prepare the future stalk in advance, for this it is necessary:

  1. Make incisions on the mother plant, in place of which the rudiments of the roots will appear.
  2. For the cutting, take the upper shoot with 3-4 leaves, cut it off with a sharp knife from the bush and air dry for 1 hour.
  3. Then the shoot is placed in a glass jar or glass with settled water, into which a little activated carbon is added for prophylaxis.

After 1-2 weeks, the first roots appear, which means that the cutting can be planted in the substrate. For planting, you can use specialized soils for geraniums, or you can take garden soil with the addition of leaf humus and sand.

It is not recommended to take a pot for a young plant more than 10 cm in diameter. Drainage in the form of expanded clay or broken brick must be placed at the bottom. A new plant from the cuttings will bloom in six months.

Attention! Many blogger growers are now suggesting new rooting methods by placing small cuttings in sealed zip bags. This is certainly very convenient. But it is important to remember that the stalk must be treated with Kornevin, and inside the zip-bag it is imperative to inject a solution from late blight with the help of a spray bottle, for example, Profit Gold.

We offer you to watch a video on how to root a geranium stalk:


When planting fragrant geranium seeds, you need to consider several important points:

  1. When sizing seeds, you need to select large dark brown seeds, this indicates their maturity.
  2. Before planting, it is necessary to break the integrity of the outer shell of the seed by rubbing it slightly with a knife or sandpaper.
  3. Following this, the seeds are placed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes, and then in warm water for 2 hours to swell. It is recommended to add a phytostimulant of the Epina type to the water.
  4. After preparatory manipulations, the seeds are dried and sown in the ground and placed in a dark place.
  5. It is recommended to cover the container with a film, and when the first shoots appear, remove it.

Scented geranium is not just a beautiful plant, but also a home doctor. Even the mere presence of a plant in a room provides air purification from harmful impurities. Otitis media, skin inflammations and wounds are treated by applying a leaf of a fragrant geranium.

In the old days, it was believed that geranium is capable of absorbing negativity, it is enough just to “express” your problems to the plant in private. And now people believe that geranium on the windowsill neutralizes the unkind looks and envy of bad people. Do not count all the reasons for having this wonderful flower at home, the care of which will not be a hassle.

We offer you to watch a video about the content of fragrant geranium:

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