White orchids. The best phalaenopsis varieties and care for them

White orchids. The best phalaenopsis varieties and care for them

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White orchids are the most amazing, delicate and beautiful flowers. They are considered a symbol of elegance and luxury.

White orchids are used to decorate their homes, offices and even used for wedding bouquets. Flowers represent love and femininity, bring peace of mind and balance.

Further in the article, it will be told about what snow-white varieties are, and also how the cultivation of such flowers differs from caring for the population as a whole.

Are flowers pure white?

In nature

The Amabilis variety is considered the progenitor of many hybrids. It lives in the wild and is a bush with fleshy leaves and pearly white flowers. The leaves gradually turn into bright green rhizomes. White phalaenopsis blooms all year round, as one bud opens after another and the duration of flowering of one bud is about three months. The white orchid can be found in:

  • New Guinea.
  • Java.
  • Australia.
  • Indonesia.
  • South China.

Artificially bred

The cultivation of white orchids is one of the most popular directions for flower growers.

But getting a pure white flower is very rare. The petals may have pink edging or blotches. We can buy hybrids of white phalaenopsis in flower shops.

Varieties: description and photo

There are a lot of phalaenopsis varieties that bloom with white flowers. The most famous of them:

  • "Adelaide";
  • "Alaska";
  • Bristol;
  • Anthyra Darwin;
  • Christa Wichmann;
  • Diamant;
  • Formosa Dream;
  • "Island";
  • "Japan Heart";
  • Malibu Chablis;
  • "Madonna";
  • Misty Mountain;
  • Polar Bear;
  • "Prima Piano";
  • Salt Lake;
  • "Samoa";
  • "Soft Cloud".


This is a plant with a large peduncle and large white flowers (up to 15 cm in diameter). Has a light, unobtrusive aroma.


It is characterized by long flowering (up to 2 months). The buds have a caramel flavor.

Wanda is a slow growing variety.

White butterfly

Differs in long flowering up to 8 months. Its flowers resemble moths because they have three petals and three cups.


The the variety attracts with a beautiful flower. It has an unusual shape, corrugated edges and a velvet surface, white petals with a yellowish center, and a crimson lip.

The peculiarity of this species is the ability to grow in width.

Mini and midi

Plants with small flowers and leaves. The size of the leaf reaches up to 8 cm in the mini, and up to 15 cm in the midi. The flowers are also smaller in size.

White heron

It got its name from the shape of a flower that resembles a flying stork. The roots are in the form of tubers. The leaves are small, oblong and narrow. During the dormant period, the plant sheds all leaves and stems. The homeland of this variety is Japan.


White phalaenopsis with a large number of buds (name multi-flowered). The peculiarity of this species is that many branches with flowers are formed during flowering.

Be sure to equip the stems with props during the flowering period. Peduncles are very flexible and can break under the weight of the buds. One plant can bloom 50 flowers.


This is an unpretentious view, therefore the most popular. Plant sizes range from a few centimeters to one meter. There are more than 1650 varieties. The peculiarity of this type is the need to use props. The plant is heavy and can break on its own weight.

White orchids have long flowering times.

Is caring for such plants different from caring for the population as a whole?

Caring for white orchids has its own characteristics. White phalaenopsis, unlike others, are more unpretentious in care and quickly adapt to home conditions. To grow white orchids, the following conditions must be met:

  • Daylight hours should be 14 hours. To do this, you need to use fluorescent lamps. The light should be diffused. Flowers do not like direct sunlight, because under their influence they burn and die.
  • The air temperature during the day should not exceed +25 degrees, and at night not lower than +18 degrees, the humidity should not be less than 50%, for the Vanda variety not lower than 80%. If the humidity is lower, then it is necessary to irrigate with "rain fog".
  • The pot should be clear with good drainage. The soil can be bought ready-made in a special store or made by yourself. For the preparation of the substrate, dried oak bark and dry sphagnum moss are used.
  • Lack of drafts.

Water for irrigation must be used soft, not cold, settled, boiled. Should contain a minimum amount of salts.

White orchids need to be watered intensively during the growing season and flowering. Flower roots tolerate dry soil better than waterlogged soil. Water in the summer 1-2 times a week, and in the winter once every ten days. For watering, the pot must be immersed in water for 15 minutes, then taken out and put on a pallet for half an hour to remove excess liquid.

Proper feeding of white orchids ensures long-lasting flowering. Top dressing is done immediately after watering, so as not to burn the roots. During the period of growth of leaves and roots, the plant is fertilized 1 time in 2-3 weeks, in hot summer and winter - 1 time per month. After transplantation, they are fed a month later.

White orchids bloom for a long time. After flowering, you need to make sure that there are no more buds on the plant, and only after that you can cut the peduncle. When pruning, you need to save 3-5 buds, which are closer to the leaf rosette. The tool must be clean and sharp.

White orchids are amazingly gorgeous flowers that captivate everyone with their appearance. If properly cared for, observe all the norms of watering and feeding, white orchids will delight you for a long time and cheer you up with their charming pearl-white flowers.

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