Reasons for the popularity and features of bouquets with amaryllis

Reasons for the popularity and features of bouquets with amaryllis

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Amaryllis is one of those flowers that get along well in a pot and can delight its owners with beautiful flowering for a long time.

But the same is true for these flowers in bouquets. Given in compositions, they will delight a person with their bright, large inflorescences and a stable aroma from day to day.

This article describes in detail the method of using amaryllis to form bouquets for various celebrations and events.

The material also describes the prices for bouquets that can be bought in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan. Provides useful advice from florists to care for a bouquet.

Why is it used in compositions?

Florists actively use these flowers to create flower arrangements. They have a bright color, large and original shapes. A variety of shades allow it to be used in a wide variety of bouquets.

Amaryllis goes well with other flowers. It tolerates external factors well, retaining its aroma, beauty and freshness for a long time.

All these properties of amaryllis allow them to be used in the preparation of a wide variety of compositions. The flower looks great both alone and in the most luxurious bouquets next to other flowers.

For what holidays and celebrations is it suitable?

The versatility of amaryllis allows you to use it in any bouquets... Amaryllis evokes associations with such qualities as determination, courage, pressure, strength. Therefore, it is appropriate to give it to a man. The solemnity and self-sufficiency of the flower allows you to give it simply by tying it with a ribbon, without any pompous decoration.

Amaryllis buds bloom very slowly, and stand for a very long time. A rich color palette - from white to burgundy, allows them to be used in bouquets for all possible holidays and events.

It fits perfectly into a gift bouquet for festive events:

  • weddings;
  • anniversaries;
  • birthdays;
  • farewell to retirement;
  • a holiday on the occasion of the appearance of a newborn in the family;
  • meeting mom on discharge from the hospital;
  • significant reasons to congratulate the leader;
  • and just any reason to bring additional joy to a person.

Amaryllis should play a leading role in almost any bouquet, so it is always placed above the rest of the flowers.

A photo

Further in the photo you will see what compositions can be made with this flower for different events:

What are the features and how long can they stand in a vase?

The amaryllis flower is a poisonous plant. And when handling it requires great care. If you touch the stem at the cut off part, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after that. And the water in which there was a bouquet with this flower should not be left unattended, especially where there are small children and animals.

The bouquet can stand for 1.5-2 weeks or more, because amaryllis has a strong hollow stem, shows resistance to adverse external factors. The flower absorbs a lot of moisture. If the bouquet is based on a floral sponge, then water must be added every day. A chic fresh bouquet with amaryllis will certainly delight its addressee for a long time.

Approximate price in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions

The price of a bouquet will depend on the number of flowers, floristic variety in the composition and on the place of purchase. By city, the cost will also vary.

  • In Moscow one white flower costs 250 rubles. A bouquet of seven white amaryllis will cost 3200 rubles, nine red ones will cost 4100 rubles. A composite bouquet of 21 flowers (roses, gerberas and amaryllis) is estimated at about 4000 rubles.
  • In St. Petersburg one large copy is sold at a price of 450 rubles. A bouquet of five red flowers will cost about 2,000 rubles. Men's bouquet of amaryllis - 3000 rubles. Composition of 13 roses with amaryllis and greenery - 3600 rubles.
  • In Samara a bouquet with these gorgeous flowers, 5 pieces, costs 1200 rubles. Bouquet with peonies, tulips and amaryllis - 2900 rubles.
  • In Kazan a gorgeous bouquet of seven bright pink amaryllis with birch branches will cost 5500 rubles, and a composite bouquet with 17 white amaryllis, roses and chrysanthemums will cost 4700 rubles.

Amaryllis means beautiful lady. He is very gentle, beautiful from all sides, stately and always plays with colors. Fully lives up to its name. Long standing in a bouquet. The main thing is to remember that he drinks a lot of water and do not forget to add it.

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