A flower with unusual beauty - azalea. How is it different from rhododendron and gardenia and what unites them?

A flower with unusual beauty - azalea. How is it different from rhododendron and gardenia and what unites them?

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Azalea is a beautiful indoor flower with unsurpassed beauty and comfort in any room. This is a truly unique plant. It captivates at first sight and stands out among others with its luxurious flowering.

At the same time, color options vary from white or pink to bright red and even two-color, when there is a border around the edges of the petals. The leaves are small, oval in shape. If you run your finger along their surface, you can feel some roughness. Azalea blooms more often in winter and early spring.

Twin plants: description and photo

Inexperienced growers may confuse azaleas with other unusual plants. The article will help to understand the following questions: is it the same with rhododendron or not, and what else is a similar flower called?

There are two blooming beauties that resemble an azalea:

  1. rhododendron;
  2. gardenia.

Consider what is in common and what differences these colors have, and what makes one suspect their relationship.

What all these plants have in common is that they have beautiful large flowers., which can be located on the stem either separately or form inflorescences that resemble a full-fledged bouquet. Both azalea and rhododendron have the same structure of stems, leaves, and the root system in both cases is located closer to the surface of the soil.

The photo shows what the azalea-like flowers look like - these are rhododendron and gardenia.



How is it different from rhododendron?

reference... Such a complex genus name comes from the Greek: rhodon (rose) and (dendron) tree. What does the rosewood mean.

The question arises, how to distinguish these plants and not buy instead of an azalea a flowering bush similar to it, which in fact has nothing to do with it?

Rhododendron is a rather large plant, more than a meter high, growing outdoors. It can be classified as evergreen. If he drops some of the leaves, he never leaves his branches naked. The number of stamens in a bud is ten or more, in some cases - seven. Unlike rhododendron, azalea is a short bush with many branches. Its height does not exceed 40 cm. There are as many stamens as there are petals, i.e. five.

Despite the fact that both plants belong to the heather family, previously botanical scientists attributed rhododendron and azalea to different plant genera. But after a while, scientists found out that these representatives of the fauna have more similarities than differences. In connection with this fact, it was decided to combine them into a single genus of rhododendrons.

Rhododendron bushes are a great option for growing in the garden. After all, its advantage, in addition to fabulous beauty, is excellent frost resistance. He is able to withstand twenty and even thirty degrees of frost.

What's the difference with gardenia?

The second "double" of the azalea is the gardenia. Like the main character of this article, she has very beautiful large flowers. But the buds strongly resemble roses. If azalea can be chosen in a preferred shade, then gardenia does not spoil the choice.

Its flowers are always white or slightly creamy. The flower is only opened for four days, and then it falls off. New fresh flowers are revealed instead. So flowering continues for a long time, in summer and autumn.

An incredible smell is a striking distinguishing feature of the plant. Indoor gardenia is not called jasmine for nothing... The aroma of jasmine fills the room in which the plant pot is located. The leaves, pointed at the end, shine as if they were specially lubricated with something. Compared to azalea, gardenia bushes are taller.

Important! You should pay attention to the conditions in which the flower is contained in the store.

  • Azalea requires a moist, cool, shaded area.
  • Gardenia is less capricious in this regard. She will be comfortable at higher temperatures and higher light levels.

So how not to be wrong? What you should pay attention to when buying azalea in the store:

  1. Plant size... If in front of you in the store there is a giant one meter, or even two, it is definitely a rhododendron. Azalea reaches only 30-40 cm. Gardenia is also noticeably higher than it, although it is far from the size of a rhodrdendron.
  2. Flower color... In gardenia, it is milky white. Azalea, like rhododendron, boasts a variety of colors.
  3. Number of stamens... The azalea has five, the rhododendron has ten. In gardenia, the flower looks like a rose.
  4. Smell... The jasmine scent of gardenia will not confuse it with any other flower.
  5. Habitat... Rhododendron grows outdoors. Azalea is an exclusively indoor plant, however, like the gardenia.
  6. Temperature and illumination of the location... Azaleas need shade and coolness, gardenias need good lighting and a warm room.

Despite the similarity of these representatives of the floral variety, the differences between them are obvious. And when purchasing a plant, it is very important to be sure that the new flower will live comfortably on your windowsill. The purpose of this article is to convey to the reader all the nuances of choosing a plant. Thanks to her, you can make the right choice and subsequently grow a healthy, beautiful flower that will delight you for many years.

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