Growing dill seedlings: subtleties, secrets and recommendations

Growing dill seedlings: subtleties, secrets and recommendations

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Dill is a perennial and popular culinary culture. This is a great seasoning for dishes. At the same time, it has nutritional value.

Growing dill is possible in various ways, and one of them is growing seedlings on a land plot. A frequent and beloved guest on our table, not everyone succeeds in dill the first time. How to properly grow this cultivated plant will be discussed in this article.

Growing seedlings

Growing seedlings is a mandatory method in the case of bush varieties. Also, this method accelerates the development of dill. Outdoor cultivation is possible after sowing in April-May or October-November. Dill is resistant to cold and tolerates temperatures down to -6º. Dill reproduces well. If you leave the umbrellas with seeds in the fall, then next year the dill will germinate again.

The timing of the emergence of sprouts

With proper care and sufficient moisture, seeds will sprout in 10-14 days. Dill develops well in normal soil. Avoid placing seeds and seedlings in hard soil - this will slow down growth. Dill develops quite quickly and is almost unpretentious in maintenance.

We talked about how soon dill sprouts in this material, and about what affects the speed of this process, you will find out here.

If there are no shoots?

If after 14 days there are no shoots, then mistakes may have been made in the preparation of the seeds.:

  • The seeds did not swell.
  • Adequate humidity level has not been ensured.
  • Bad seeds.

When the dill does not emerge within two weeks, new seeds should be planted in a container. You can purchase seeds from another store. But the absence of seedlings is a rarity, since dill grows well in almost any conditions.

How to care for seedlings?

Before planting, the seedlings do not require special care, but you will have to follow some recommendations:

  1. The culture does not tolerate chlorine. Tap water is not suitable. It must be defended or boiled. Better yet, use rain or snow water. There are also many ways to soften water.
  2. The seedlings will be cramped if the distance between them is not observed. It is recommended to place them at a distance of 2 cm from each other. The space will ensure efficient growth and proper development.
  3. The plant loves loose and slightly moist soil.

    Important! High humidity should not be allowed. Otherwise, dill will hit the "black leg".

  4. Spraying can be carried out with a spray bottle if the weather is dry.
  5. It is necessary to feed the seedlings a couple of times every 30 days. For this, a light solution of mineral fertilizer is used. An overdose will destroy the young shoots. You mustn't let her in!

What healthy sprouts look like: description and photo

The seedlings will be ready for transplanting in 10-14 days. Plants should not look sickly or drooping. Healthy bunches are bright green. They are lush and strong.

Transplanting to a permanent place: step by step instructions

Dill seedlings can be grown both in the open field and in greenhouse conditions.

Features of culture:

  • Requires soil moisture.
  • Needs abundant sunshine.
  • Do not tolerate acidic soils.
  • Fresh seeds take a long time to germinate due to the high concentration of essential oils.

To the greenhouse

In greenhouse conditions, you can get fresh dill throughout the year. The main thing is to plant when the air temperature fluctuates within 15-20º Celsius. Also, the plant should receive a sufficient amount of light in the winter season. For this, sodium lamps and phyto-lamps with LEDs are suitable.

The advantages of this method of growing seedlings:

  • frost protection;
  • ease of sowing, growing and harvesting;
  • weather conditions do not matter;
  • abundant productivity.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Before placing in the soil, it is necessary to make grooves and fertilize with mineral preparations.
  2. The grooves should be spaced 20 cm apart.
  3. The seedlings are placed in the grooves.
  4. Maintenance involves regular watering, weeding, and removal of dry stems.

You can find more information about the rules for growing dill in a greenhouse here.

Can I transplant outdoors?

Dill sprouts can be planted in open ground both in spring and early summer:

  1. For planting in the spring, it is necessary to prepare the garden bed in the fall. You need to dig up the ground and place a bucket of humus.
  2. In the spring, the bed must be leveled with a rake.
  3. Further, grooves are made at a distance of 20 cm, into which the fertilizer is placed.
  4. The sprouts are planted and covered with earth.

You can also grow dill among other vegetables as sealing plants (see which plants nearby dill get along well with here). In this case, you also need to remember to preserve free space.

For normal development, dill needs nitrogen fertilization.... However, nitrates are retained in spicy crops, and this greatly affects the nutritional value. To provide nutrition and preserve the properties of dill, it is necessary to prepare a nettle tincture. It is an excellent nutritional fertilizer that also repels aphids. It is strictly forbidden to use insecticides on this crop!

So that the aphid does not attack the sprouts, you can spray it with an alcoholic liquid. The solution is prepared as follows. Introduce 2 tbsp. "Troy" in 10 liters of settled water. It is necessary to use, exclusively, ethyl unrefined alcohol, endowed with the aromas of fuselage.

Purchase: where do they sell and what to look for?

If you do not want to prepare seedlings yourself, you can purchase them in a specialized store or on the market. There is a wide variety of types of dill available and a suitable variety can be purchased for greenhouse or outdoor cultivation. Seedlings are also sold in plant nurseries. Dill seedlings are not sold in online stores.

When buying seedlings, you need to pay attention to their appearance and variety. The varieties differ in taste and appearance. You should choose healthy and strong shoots that can take root in the soil. The cost of fresh seedlings in Moscow and St. Petersburg varies depending on the type of dill and the distributor.


A place

Dill loves sunny sides (where it is better to plant a plant, in the shade or in the sun, we told here). It can be planted both separately and with other vegetables. The plant does not grow well in solid ground. If it is not in an open area, then it is better to grow it in greenhouse conditions.


The culture prefers a humid environment. Before planting, the soil should be moistened and fertilized.


For growing seedlings, special cassettes or cups are suitable.... It is necessary to select containers so that the seed can be placed 3 cm into the ground.

Seed preparation

Before planting seeds, you need to prepare them by holding them in a damp cloth for two days. The swollen seeds dry out and only then can they be planted for seedlings.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. The containers are filled with normal soil without impurities.
  2. You can fertilize the soil with a natural preparation.
  3. The seeds are placed in the ground 2-3 cm deep into the moist soil.

    The soil should NOT be abundantly wet!

  4. Seedlings will appear after two weeks only in the presence of lighting: phytolamp or sun.

Dill is a healthy spice that can not only endow a dish with a delicate taste, but also serve as a table decoration. This product is relevant at any time of the year and in all situations related to food intake.

The presence of fresh dill will allow you to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Its ability to survive is an advantage. Having taken root, dill seedlings will subsequently bring seeds that will spread across the open ground and will rise next year. And this will continue every year.


For more information on how to grow dill in a seedling way, you can watch the video below:

Watch the video: Never Buy Dill Seed Again! Plant it u0026 Save the Seed (August 2022).