How to increase the yield of carrots? Do seeds need to be soaked before planting?

How to increase the yield of carrots? Do seeds need to be soaked before planting?

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The disputes of gardeners about the preparation of carrots for planting are somewhat similar to the disputes of the ancient scholastics. They could not agree on how many angels fit on the tip of the needle, and these on which method is better. The disputes of the scholastics, however, disappeared with them, while the gardeners will always be relevant.

Be that as it may, there are 2 directions. One rejects the need for soaking, the other provides a solution to many growing difficulties. We will help you figure out whether it is necessary to soak the seeds or not, how the choice of method affects the yield.

Purpose of soaking

Dry seeds are not a good planting material. There may be a harvest, but what it will be is difficult to predict. Soaking solves a number of gardener problems:

  • germination test;
  • removal of essential oils from the surface of seeds;
  • reduces the risk of disease;
  • accelerates germination;
  • reduces the labor intensity of cultivation.

Essential oils in seeds prevent moisture from entering through the surface membrane and slow down germination. So nature takes care that the plant sprouts only when favorable conditions come for this. But the natural process can take up to 20 days and the carrots may simply not have time to grow and ripen normally.

If we take into account all the other advantages, it turns out that there is no normal alternative to this method. But still…

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Is it necessary to carry out the procedure?

There is no law prohibiting dry landings yet. This method, when unprepared material is planted directly into the ground, is devoid of all these advantages.

He himself has only one advantage: you can not bother with unnecessary labor costs, and rely on Mother Nature. But nature doesn't care about yields. In addition, having saved on labor for preparing the sowing, you will certainly overspend it on caring for the plant. Whichever side you look at, it turns out that soaking, although not necessary, is highly desirable.

When is it better not to do this?

If you choose which is better, then the verdict is unambiguous. It is better to soak. However, there are circumstances where these benefits are not significant. In warm climates, seeds will germinate faster anyway, and there is more than enough time for ripening. Two or three days of the difference do not solve anything. But this circumstance does not negate other advantages that the dry method is devoid of.

Germination difference

Germination depends not only on the method of preparation for planting. The quality of the planting material is of great importance. Some summer residents argue that this circumstance is decisive. Good seeds will ensure good germination in any case. Agricultural science and statistics refute this claim.

Germination has two dimensions: quantitative and temporal.... The time spread between the two methods can reach 20 days, which is quite a lot.

The duration of the period from planting to germination depends on the farming area, the accompanying climate and the specific weather in a given year. Soaking eliminates these differences and guarantees high germination almost regardless of conditions.

Quantitative difference refers to the difference between the number of planted and germinated seeds. Considering that on average, only 70% of carrot kernels are suitable for germination, no way will give one hundred percent germination (is it necessary to germinate carrot seeds before planting?). However, the gain, other things being equal, will still be for the pre-soaked planting.

Why does this happen? The method itself does not guarantee anything. A diseased, unripe or incapable seed will not sprout in any case. However, you can select the best seeds before planting. If you do not throw them into the soil without pretreatment.

If you summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of this or that method of preparing for landing, you get the following table:

Process + -With soakingWithout soaking
Labor intensity in preparation for planting+
Labor intensity (general)+
Final quality+

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Comparison of seed preparation methods for planting proves the advantage of soaking... Although the labor intensity is greater in comparison with the dry method, it is compensated by a higher yield, better quality and taste. And this is the goal of the gardener: not just to grow, but to grow a lot of tasty and healthy product.

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