Unpretentious sorrel. Why does the plant go to the arrow?

Unpretentious sorrel. Why does the plant go to the arrow?

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One of the popular crops to grow is sorrel. There are over 200 varieties of this plant. Many of the varieties are used in cooking, and also very often sorrel is used in agriculture as animal feed.

It is quite unpretentious, contains many useful trace elements and has a pleasant sour taste.

However, despite its ease of growing, there are several problems associated with growing it. One of these situations is when the sorrel went to the arrow. Why the plant is in bloom and what to do in this case, we will consider in the article.

Why does the plant shoot arrows?

It can often be observed that when sowing from the same batch, at the same time and under the same conditions, some plants often go to the arrow, while others much less often. The fact is that sorrel belongs to dioecious plants... This means that he has male and female plants.

The formation of arrows is absolutely natural and refers to the female plant.

They are most susceptible to flowering and often follow the arrowhead.

The arrow is the future inflorescence, after flowering seeds are formed on it... During the flowering and ripening of the seeds, the leaves of the sorrel become tough and unsuitable for human consumption. It is recommended to discard female plants, leaving a couple of bushes to collect seeds. Male plants also go to the arrow, but they do it much less often.

Growing conditions for sorrel are also an important factor. If the plant lacks moisture, sunlight or the soil is too acidic, then the sorrel will often go to the arrow.

At the same time, it will be difficult for him to please you with juicy and fresh leaves, since in such stressful conditions the goal of the plant will be to bring seeds and continue its race, and not to grow more fresh green leaves.

When does it bloom and what does a blooming culture look like?

The first year is fruitful for sorrel.... In the second year, the plant actively begins to move towards the arrow, it begins the phases of flowering and seed formation. This can be prevented by completely cutting off all leaves and stems at the root. After that, the soil should be watered abundantly with water so that the plant quickly begins to give a new crop. However, this should only be done if you do not plan on ripening and harvesting sorrel seeds.

If the arrow is not cut off during its formation, it will soon be possible to observe the flowering of sorrel. Depending on the variety, it can be white, green or red very small inflorescences stretched upwards.

Are there varieties without shooting?

The formation of arrows depends on several factors.... First of all, from the plant variety.

Many sorrel varieties are bred to be resistant to stalking and rarely go to the arrow.

These varieties include, for example, emerald snow, Belleville, large-leaved and others. Therefore, when choosing a variety, it is important to take this into account and pay attention to the description of the variety, its characteristics.

What if nothing is done?

In case you do not remove the resulting arrows, do not get rid of the female plants or change the conditions, do not expect yields. When the sorrel goes to the arrow, the whole plant directs all its forces and resources to seed formation. In this case, the leaves become tough, useful properties disappear, it is saturated with oxalic acid. And it is harmful to the human body. During flowering and ripening, the leaves may turn yellow or disappear altogether.

Therefore, if you do not plan on harvesting seeds from the plant, it is better to prevent flowering in the way described above. Or just cut off the arrows as they appear. But, in this case, their education will be frequent.

What to do?

So what do you do if you see your plant starting to follow the arrow?

  1. First of all, check the conditions: moisture, soil quality, the presence of light. If any of the factors is violated, create more comfortable conditions for the sorrel. If all is well, then move on to the next points.
  2. If the plant is female, that is, there are many arrows and few leaves, then the plant should be disposed of. Leave 1-2 for seeds, if necessary.
  3. If the plant has yielded well in the past year, then it's time to renew it. Using a knife, scissors, or pruning shears, cut off all leaves, stems and arrows completely. Water the sorrel bed well. After a couple of weeks, it will delight you with fresh, juicy leaves.

In what cases is a plant preserved?

It is not worth cutting off the arrows or destroying the plant in case you want to collect seeds. Or, if your plants are already 3-4 years old and it's time to renew them.

In this case you can leave a few arrows to sow the sorrel naturally and the next year you had young plants. If you want to collect the seeds of your sorrel and, for example, grow it at home in winter, then you should do the following:

  1. Do not damage the arrow of the plant.
  2. Let the sorrel bloom.
  3. Wait for the seeds to ripen.
  4. Carefully cut off the arrows with ripe seeds, collect them in a container.

After flowering and ripening, the plant must be allowed to rest.... Most likely, this season it will no longer have a crop formation. But in the next one you will have a lot of new bushes of fresh sorrel.

Sorrel is a useful crop that has entered our life and grows in almost every vegetable garden. This culture does not need much maintenance and special conditions in order to delight you with fresh greens. You just need to follow a few rules of care and your family will enjoy delicious dishes from this beautiful plant from the garden.

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