Tomatoes in a greenhouse: when and how best to plant a vegetable in Russia?

Tomatoes in a greenhouse: when and how best to plant a vegetable in Russia?

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Tomato is a thermophilic plant, and in order to obtain a rich harvest, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the growth and fruiting of this "vegetable" in our country.

And although the high demand for tomatoes gave impetus to the development of new varieties and hybrids capable of withstanding the changeable climate of Russian latitudes, growing and caring for tomatoes is a rather laborious process.

Nevertheless, this fruit has so "taken root" in the diet of people that the difficulties in growing tomatoes do not frighten gardeners at all.

How to choose the right time for planting tomatoes?

Whatever one may say, but there is no exact date when it is possible and necessary to plant tomato seedlings in a greenhouse. In this case you need to choose the right time, focusing on weather conditions and temperature indicators.

Tomatoes should be planted in the greenhouse when the soil warms up to 15 degrees Celsius or higher. At temperatures below the permissible value, plants can often get sick, stop developing or die altogether. As a result, you may not see a good harvest of tomatoes. Estimated landing time May-June.

But you need to carefully monitor the timing so that the tomatoes can harvest before the onset of cold nights. Some gardeners, when planting, are guided by the lunar calendar.

Influencing factors

  • Tomatoes are usually planted in two ways - seedlings and seeds. Seedling is more often used in northern latitudes and central Russia. Planting by seeds is suitable for the southern regions of the country.
  • Tomatoes for seedlings are sown in March, so that by the time they are planted in the greenhouse, the seedlings are strong and able to survive temperature extremes.
  • Tempering the plants should be started no later than two weeks before planting the seedlings in the greenhouse.
  • The first days you need to open the windows, and on days 4-5, the seedlings can be taken out to the balcony and, in the presence of warm weather, leave the plant overnight.
  • Hardened plants have a healthy blue-violet color.
  • An important factor influencing the time of planting a tomato is also the type of greenhouse.
  • In glass greenhouses, they are planted in April, in film greenhouses they are planted in May.
  • Tall (indeterminate) tomato varieties or hybrids are more suitable for planting in a greenhouse. Better if they are self-pollinated.
  • You can plant both early-ripening and mid-ripening and late-ripening.
  • However, with all the variety, it is still better to give preference to zoned varieties, because they are adapted to the local climate and will fully reveal all their properties and please with a good harvest.

Dates of sowing seeds and planting tomatoes for the middle lane and in other regions of Russia

Many novice gardeners ask themselves the question "when is it better to sow tomatoes?" But most likely they will not receive an unambiguous answer to this question. You can determine a favorable time for sowing by simple calculations.:

  1. We take as a starting point the approximate time for planting tomatoes (in this case, you need to take into account the region, planting site (greenhouse or soil), weather conditions and forecasts for the spring).
  2. Then it is necessary to subtract from this date the ripening period of a particular variety. For early maturing this period is approximately 45 days, for mid-maturing - 60 days, and for late-maturing - about 70 days.
  3. Subtract about 5-7 more days from the result obtained (seed germination time) and determine the exact date of planting the tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Depending on the region, as mentioned earlier, the timing of planting tomatoes in greenhouses will differ.

  • For central Russia The beginning of May is considered to be a favorable time for planting tomatoes in a greenhouse, i.e. from the 5th to the 10th of the month. Seedlings should not be more than 60 days old. By this time, the plant already has large buds on the first brush.
  • In the Urals in early April, when there is still snow on the street, they prepare the soil in the greenhouse, and start planting after May 10. Quite often, in order not to ruin all the seedlings, gardeners plant plants in 3 doses with a weekly difference.
  • In Siberia wide variation in ambient temperature and this imposes certain difficulties with growing tomatoes. For this region, a large number of hybrids have been bred that can withstand both low and high temperatures, as well as are distinguished by early maturity and high yields. There are no exact dates for planting tomatoes in a greenhouse in Siberia. You should watch the temperature, weather conditions, forecasts.

Depending on the type of greenhouse and the variety of tomatoes, some summer residents begin to plant seedlings from the end of April. However, the time recommended by experienced gardeners for planting tomatoes in an unheated greenhouse is the second half of May (from the 20th of the month).

You can also plant seedlings based on the lunar calendar.... According to this calendar, favorable dates for planting seeds and seedlings in a greenhouse in Siberia are: April 14, 15, 18-21, 27, 28.

These time frames are approximate, each gardener, based on personal experience, has the right to decide for himself when to plant a vegetable. And if you don't have the skills yet, you can always turn to special literature for help, read the forums or ask for advice from a more experienced person.

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