Popular about when to sow tomatoes for seedlings in April

Popular about when to sow tomatoes for seedlings in April

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Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetable crops not only in our country, but also abroad. In Russia, it will hardly be possible to find such an agronomist who would not be engaged in growing tomatoes.

However, not everyone knows when to sow seeds for seedlings in order to get a rich harvest. This is especially true for residents of those regions where summer is too fast. In the article, we will talk specifically about the April crops and their features.

This article popularly tells about when to sow tomatoes for seedlings in April and what features of this process should be taken into account.

Why is the April landing good?

The main advantage of such a landing is the fact that in this process, devices for additional lighting and heating of the room are no longer needed. Seedlings will feel comfortable and grow even on a glassed-in loggia or veranda.

If you plant seeds in the first half of April, then by the end of May the seedlings can be transferred to a greenhouse or even to open ground. but at night it is better to cover the sprouts with several layers of film or other non-woven materialto protect them from night frost.

A good way to insulate seedlings is to sprinkle the soil with straw. Thus, it will be possible to retain not only warmth, but also moisture for small sprouts.

The advantage of the April planting can be called the fact that such seedlings can be an excellent safety net for March seedlings. If it turns out that early seedlings die, April seedlings can be planted in their place. It should also be said that in most cases such seedlings can be immediately transferred to open ground, bypassing the greenhouse period.

Often, April seedlings grow much stronger in appearance and are more resistant to various diseases and pest attacks., because it was hardened by small drops in temperature on the veranda or loggia.

Variety selection

On the question of whether it is possible to plant seeds of any varieties, the opinions of experts are unanimous: since in most regions of our country the summer is quite short, for the April planting it is necessary to choose the early ripening varieties. Therefore, when choosing a variety of tomatoes, carefully study the period of their ascent - those that grow in 80-90 days are suitable. Low-growing early-ripening tomatoes are most suitable for sowing in mid-spring.

In addition, preference should be given to those varieties that do not need constant pinching. Anyway seeds must be processed before planting... They can simply be soaked in plain water for germination, or the water can be replaced with a growth stimulant.

Avoid late-ripening varieties in April altogether, as you will waste time, energy and finances, and tomatoes will not have time to ripen before the beginning of autumn.

The most popular varieties among agronomists are listed below. The listed types are suitable both for fresh consumption and for salting. All of them have excellent taste and presentation.

It is necessary to plant tomato seeds in such a way that there is no need to pick the seedlings. Insofar as picking slows down the entire growth of tomatoes by about 7-10 days... If you still plant this crop too densely, it is best to separate the seedlings in mid-May.


The variety is excellent for outdoor cultivation.

Red fang

Very early tomato.

Miracle of Siberia

The variety Miracle of Siberia is popular among farmers... Early appearance with large fruits.

You have

Differs in high yield rates.


Ultra early grade.


It should be noted that Vityaz variety ripens quickly and is stored for a long time.


Popular due to its unpretentiousness.


Withstands light frosts.

We suggest watching a video about the Gin tomato variety:

Raspberry Viscount

It is worth noting that the Raspberry Viscount variety gives a high yield on relatively small bushes.

In which regions is it customary to plant tomato seeds this month?

Often this month, tomatoes are planted for seedlings only by residents of the northern and northwestern parts of our country - especially in the Urals and Siberia. For these regions, the April landing is the first of the season. Because if you sow the seeds earlier, they will have nowhere to plant and they will simply outgrow or even die.

However, this does not mean at all that tomatoes cannot be sown in other regions of Russia in April. Usually, agronomists carry out such a manipulation in order to get a later harvest and enjoy fresh tomatoes until autumn.

In what numbers can you sow?

Most favorable dates in mid-spring are the second half of April.

For Siberia and the Urals, the timing of planting tomato seeds should be slightly changed. In these regions, it is necessary to sow seeds, starting from the first days of April, since with a later planting, tomatoes during the summer period will not have time to grow and give a full harvest.

In other regions of Russia, agronomists have a whole month to sow seeds. However, remember that if the grower is late with the April planting, then planting tomatoes for seedlings in May will no longer bring a special harvest.

According to the lunar calendar, the April landing has its own unfavorable days - from 4 to 6 and from 11 to 14 April.

When shouldn't sowing be done?

In the southern regions of Russia, sowing tomato seeds for seedlings in mid-spring is considered an unprofitable and highly questionable procedure. In the south of the country, warmth sets in much earlier, unlike other Russian regions, so there the seedlings should be ready by the end of March.

Also if cloudy rainy weather persists in April, the seeds may not germinate well or hurt... Then you will need to resort to additional lighting and heating.

Sowing tomato seeds in April is considered unusual for many agronomists, since most vegetable growers plant seeds for seedlings already at the beginning of March. to get an earlier harvest. However, based on the text of the article, you can see that this type of planting has its own number of advantages, one of which is that tomatoes in the garden will grow until autumn.

Also, according to the reviews of northern agronomists, such seedlings grow strong, healthy and rich. But with all this, it is necessary to follow some simple growing rules and select the right varieties.

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