Giant bamboo

Giant bamboo

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Question: what is the fastest development of bamboo?

hello, I would like to know which species of Bambщ are growing faster, in terms of DIAMETER. I was looking for a species that reaches 3 4 cm in diameter as quickly as possible. can you help me?? thanks daniele

Giant bamboo: Answer: the development of bamboo

Dear Daniel,
in general most of the bamboos that are on the market have a rapid development, even if lately the dwarf varieties are much sought after, in order to have a plant of easy cultivation but of small dimensions.
The species that produces wider stems and more rapidly is phyllostachys pubescens, also known with the synonym phyllostachys edulis; these are large bamboo, which in a short time develop very large and very tall stems, which can even exceed 20 meters in height over the years; because it is clear that a large height of the stem is related to a width of the stem.
Obviously bamboo plants then develop more or less depending on the condition in which they are grown; also phyllostachys pubescens, reaches its maximum size only if positioned in a very bright and sunny place, with a good amount of soil and with a good availability of water. The specimens grown in pots produce a few meters of stem every year, which is often not as huge as that of the brothers grown in the ground.
Most bamboos do not fear the cold; they are plants originating from Asia, in particular from China, Japan, Korea, and can withstand even a very harsh winter climate, up to about -15 ° C.
They are rhizomatous plants, which produce a wide bread of roots (rhizomes), not very deep, which with time tends to widen a lot, to become, in the right conditions, immortal plants, which spread out at will; in many areas of the globe, bamboo imported from Asia has now become weeds, and their cultivation is strictly regulated.
It is because vigorous plants, which do not require care and withstand heat, cold, wet soil and drought and have rapid development, can rapidly expand and fill all the space they have available.
In fact bamboo develops producing new shoots every year, starting from the bread of roots, at the base of the other stems; if we keep the bamboo stock in a vase, there are no problems of any kind; if we cultivate them in the open ground it is convenient to periodically remove some of the new shoots, to favor the development of the main stems and to prevent them from spreading excessively.
Often those who put bamboo in their homes, especially if they are large species, prepare the hole by lining it with reinforced plastic sheets, or even with metal plates, to prevent the rhizomatous roots from spreading over the ground over time.