So when is the right time to plant turnips? Sowing time of seeds in different places of Russia

So when is the right time to plant turnips? Sowing time of seeds in different places of Russia

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Turnip is one of the oldest plant cultures. This vegetable, which has a lot of useful properties, can be steamed, baked, stewed, stuffed, mashed in order to get a rich portion of vitamins and microelements. Of course, many people do not want to pay for a root crop in a store or market, but want to grow it at home.

But there are nuances in growing turnips from seeds, which are written about in this article. And we will also tell you why it is extremely important to plant turnips on time, on what the planting dates depend and is there a difference in planting dates in open ground and at home or in a greenhouse.

The importance of landing on time

Turnip is a cold-resistant crop, and therefore it can be planted immediately after the snow melts, usually in mid-April or early May. Seeds begin to grow even at a temperature of one to three degrees. However, turnips can be planted in late June - early July for the sake of harvesting vegetables for the winter. There is also the option of planting in September and harvesting in November: this method is called winter planting. Fruits at this planting are harvested early. If there are no conditions for the usual planting of turnips in the ground, it is worth sowing it in a greenhouse or in a container at home, covered with a film.

Turnips can be planted at home and, in addition to the leaves, which are used for medicinal purposes and as salad greens, even get small fruits!

Important! Avoid planting turnips in clay soil, incorporating dung into the soil, or sowing seeds in soil where plants such as cabbage, radishes, horseradish, or other cruciferous plants once grew. This will ensure that cruciferous (earthen) flea beetles appear on the turnip.

Much better "predecessors" are:

  • cucumbers;
  • tomatoes;
  • potatoes;
  • carrot.

Consequences of choosing the wrong period

It is worth paying close attention to the timing of planting turnips, since too early or late dates can lead to a large number of cruciferous flea beetles on the plant or to the so-called "flowering" - a process when, instead of root crops, turnip begins to bloom in the first year of the growing season. Because of the flowering, the number and size of root crops suffers, and sometimes they do not exist at all. The reasons for this phenomenon are:

  • unfavorable weather conditions (cold, excessively rainy summer, lack of sunlight in cloudy weather);
  • inadequate nutrition that inhibits plant growth.

Lack of phosphorus can be recognized by the purple and purple edges on the leaves.... Often this problem occurs when the plant is forced to live in cold weather or acidic soil high in compounds such as manganese, iron or aluminum.

What determines the sowing time?

If you want to get tasty, vitamin-rich root crops in the summer, then it is better to plant turnips in April or May. But you can prepare a vegetable for the winter: then you should plant seeds in June-July. Rarely, but still the method is used when turnips are planted in mid-September, and harvested in November, which allows you to be content with fruits even in the cold season.

The turnip crop can be obtained twice a year.... Do not waste time, because it is very nice to get tasty and juicy fruits!

Seed sowing time in open ground

It is known that the dates of planting any plants differ with the change of location. Here is the time frame for planting turnip seeds in different parts of Russia, from warmer to colder places:

  • In central Russia (Moscow region).

    In the spring in the Moscow region, they begin to sow root crops in open ground from the end of April, in summer - at the beginning of July or at the end of June. The climate here is quite warm and perfect for fruit growth.

  • In the Urals.

    In the Urals, a vegetable is planted in the spring, sowing begins in the first ten days of May, and in the summer turnips are sown in early to mid-June. It is a little colder here, and therefore planting and harvesting slightly change the timing.

  • In Siberia.

    In Siberia, as a rule, turnips are planted in the second decade of May, either in mid-July or in autumn. You also need to take into account that the timing differs in the direction from the south of Siberia to the north.

Attention! It is important to understand that turnip loves moisture, and therefore a climate with rains (not excessive!) Or high air humidity will come in handy.

Some people confuse turnips with radishes and rutabagas, although all three root vegetables are completely different and have unique properties.

Is there a difference between the timing of planting in open ground, in a greenhouse and at home?

Due to the good conditions and temperature of the house, you can plant turnips in February-March, exactly like in a greenhouse, this is also influenced by the absence of sudden changes in the weather or raging elements like a long rain.

Greenhouse and indoor plants live in pots or containers, and since there is little room for root crops, it is better to collect turnip leaves, which are also very useful.

The so-called "baby" -roots are also popular - these are small, young fruits that are harvested from home-grown turnips. The distance between the seeds is also important.: in a greenhouse or at home, it should be equal to 2.5 - 5 cm, in the ground - 8 - 10 cm, the size of future fruits depends on this. Do not forget about leaving - thinning the seedlings, this procedure will leave large and healthy plants in the ground for a good harvest.

No wonder our ancestors loved and respected turnips. She found a place in folklore, it is enough to remember only the Russian fairy tale "The Turnip". To this day, housewives cook it in many ways, delighting themselves and their loved ones with delicious turnip dishes. Now you know the timing of planting turnips and with easy care you can get vitamin-rich fruits on your own!

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