30 kg of tomatoes from one bush: myth or reality? All about the method of growing tomatoes in a barrel

30 kg of tomatoes from one bush: myth or reality? All about the method of growing tomatoes in a barrel

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Today, new methods of growing vegetables often appear, allowing you to collect a large harvest from a small area. Planting tomatoes in a barrel provides a real opportunity. It is she who will serve as the beds.

In the article, we will tell you step by step about the essence of the method, how to grow tomatoes in a barrel, about preparing a barrel and seeds, about the best varieties of tomatoes for growing in a barrel, about care, watering and the expected result, as well as show a photo.

The essence of the method

The essence of this method is the formation of a very powerful root system of tomato bushes. It fills almost the entire space of the barrel, because very good conditions have been created there. Having such roots, tomato bushes grow and develop well.

A photo

This is what barrel-grown tomatoes look like.

Advantages and disadvantages

Growing tomatoes in a barrel has a lot of advantages.:

  • With this method, in addition to saving space, less is spent on watering.
  • Moles and other shrews cannot reach them.
  • Since tomato bushes do not come into contact with the soil surface, they significantly reduce the risk of infection by pests and diseases.
  • The barrel does not have a closed bottom, so excess water will not linger, and worms easily penetrate the soil.
  • There is no need to build a greenhouse, because with the onset of frost, the plant can be covered with foil.

Important! The only disadvantage of growing tomatoes in a barrel is the impossibility of obtaining early tomato fruits. The first ones ripen around the middle of summer.


Growing tomatoes in a barrel requires certain preparatory measures.:


  1. The bottom of the selected barrel is removed, and holes of 1 cm are made in the walls, which should be located in each section of 20 * 20 cm. This is necessary for better oxygen supply to the roots of tomato bushes.
  2. For the barrel, you need to choose a place that will be perfectly heated by the rays of the sun.
  3. At the very bottom, you need to pour a 10 cm layer of urgas - a special fertilizer prepared using EM technology. It involves the use of microorganisms that turn the soil into good arable land without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, the yield will be much higher.
  4. The next layer, also 10 cm, will be a mixture of equal amounts:
    • compost;
    • ordinary soil;
    • turf land.

Tomato seeds

Seeds need to be sorted before planting.... They should be:

  • intact;
  • large;
  • the correct shape.

Seed material from last year's harvest is excellent for seedlings. Seed preparation for sowing consists in disinfection and soaking. The picking of seedlings is performed in large containers (read how to grow tomatoes without picking here). This will allow the root system to develop better.

The following types are considered the best varieties for growing tomatoes in a barrel:

Pink giant

The bush of this mid-season tomato grows up to 1.5 m and more. The fruits are distinguished by their heavy weight, juicy pulp, sweetish taste.

Ilya Muromets

The yellow fruits of the Ilya Muromets tomato variety weigh about 300 grams. The growth of the bush reaches 2 m. Tomatoes ripen within 100 days.

De Barao

De Barao scourges sometimes grow up to 3 m... These oval tomatoes come in a variety of colors:

  • yellow;
  • red;
  • black.

Reference! The variety stands out for its high yield, although it ripens rather late.


Tarasenko's hybrid tomatoes are tall. The fruits are bright red in color and taste good. About 3 kg of tomato can be removed from one branch. The bushes grow well both in the sun and in partial shade.

Scarlet Mustang

Tomato variety Scarlet Mustang is pleasant for its interesting shape... Fruit length is from 10 cm to 14 cm. It is high-yielding, unpretentious in care.


Tall Königsberg tomatoes are quite suitable for growing in a barrel. Red elongated fruits have a dense consistency and excellent taste.


Variety Budenovka grows medium in size... It does well in a barrel and produces a good harvest. These round tomatoes have a dense, thin skin. During storage, fruits retain their taste for a long time.

All these varieties are distinguished by resistance to frost and unpretentiousness.

Preparing the rest of the material

For in order for a tomato tree in a barrel to turn out large, it is necessary to use urgas... They have been preparing it throughout the year.

  1. An old plastic bucket is taken, at the bottom of which a grate is placed at a low height.
  2. The walls of the bucket should be lined with a plastic bag with holes in the bottom.
  3. All kitchen waste is put into it.

The liquid flowing down can be used as fertilizer for indoor flowers.

Each tab should be sprinkled with the preparation "Baikal EM1", which contains bacteria, sprinkled with urgas sourdough, and pressed on top with a load wrapped in a bag. The bucket must be tightly closed.

Urgasa sourdough is made from scrolled like minced meat and dried kitchen waste:

  1. For 1 kg of this sourdough, add 5 tbsp. l. "Baikal EM1", then put this mixture into a bag, put a load on top.
  2. After 7 days, knead and dry. This mixture helps tomato bushes develop quickly.

Making EM compost differs from ordinary compost only in that it contains crushed components. The porosity of the mass is achieved by adding 10 kg of sawdust per 100 kg of the mixture. Everything must be mixed well and each layer must be spilled with a solution of EM-1 (100 ml per 10 l of water) and 100 ml of non-acidic jam, in which there are no berries. The compost must have a moisture content of at least 60%. It can be applied after 60 days.


Tomato seedlings are mainly planted in mid-May.:

  1. After the barrel takes its place in the sun, 4-5 seedlings are planted in it at the same distance from each other to a depth of 5 cm.
  2. The lower leaves must be removed.
  3. At night, the barrel is covered with foil so that the plants do not freeze.
  4. After they grow up to 10 cm, soil is poured on top, in which nutrients are present. This procedure is carried out until the barrel is completely filled with earth.

Reference! After 15 days, the root system will be able to hold a large bush. During this time, the stems will get stronger, the film can be removed.

Read more about the rules and intricacies of planting tomatoes here.

Care and watering

At the beginning of summer, tomatoes growing in a barrel do not need to be pinned. It is desirable, on the contrary, to form more brushes. Most often they are formed from 20 to 30, each with 8-15 ovaries. As a result of the free hanging of the lower branches and stepchildren, which gradually begin to creep along the ground, they will close the barrel. By mid-July, the bush will turn into a real tomato tree, so you must definitely fix:

  • trunk;
  • branches;
  • upper shoots.

When growing tomatoes in a barrel, the bushes are powerful. They need a lot of water. It is imperative to monitor the soil moisture in the barrel. It should be 60-70%. It can be determined as follows: with a slight squeezing of a lump of soil, water should be released. It is difficult to pour tomatoes into the barrel, the excess will leak, because the bottom is missing.

By the middle of summer, the tomato bush uses almost all the nutrients that were put into the barrel with the soil. To feed the tomato tree, you can use a chatter box made from EM compost..

To prepare it you need:

  1. Take any container, fill a third of which in equal proportions with a soil mixture from EM compost and turf soil.
  2. Pour water to the top just so that there is no chlorine in it.
  3. Leave everything for a day.

It is recommended to water the tomato bush with this solution 2-3 times a week.


To prevent the lashes stretching up from breaking, it is required to organize supports... To do this, on both sides of the barrel, long poles must be dug in, to which the shoots must be tied. You can pull a wire between them in the form of a mesh or directly a mesh with large cells, then the branches will lie on it.


Growing tomatoes in a barrel gives good results. Up to 30 kg can be harvested from one tomato bush. It will bear fruit until around mid-autumn, and you can keep the fruit fresh until the New Year holidays. To do this, in September, wrap the bush with a covering material with Acrylic No. 17, cover with a film on top. Tomatoes grown using urgasa and EM compost have excellent taste and useful properties.

Common mistakes

  1. One of the common mistakes that leads to a low yield is choosing the wrong tomato variety (see which tomato varieties are suitable for growing, read here).
  2. Also, you can not use fertilizers too often and too much. Tomatoes prefer top dressing in which three important nutrients are balanced:
    • nitrogen;
    • phosphorus;
    • potassium.

    If nitrogen is contained in a nutrient solution in a high concentration, then this leads to stimulation of the development of vegetative mass, adversely affecting the fruits. Fresh manure is especially destructive in this respect.

  3. Failure to comply with the irrigation regime is a mistake. Tomatoes begin to hurt more often due to weakened immunity, the reason for this is superficial and frequent watering. If the plant is poorly watered, then it will not be able to fully absorb calcium from the soil. As a result, dry, dark brown spots form on the tops of the tomato.

The method of growing tomatoes in a barrel is considered successful thanks to the rapid heating of soil and water. This is due to the limited space available. Experienced gardeners advise everyone to try this innovative technology on their site.

We invite you to watch a video about growing tomatoes in a barrel:

Watch the video: Making Tomato Plants 10x more Productive (June 2022).


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