The timing of when it is correct to plant tomatoes for seedlings in March and what the procedure depends on

The timing of when it is correct to plant tomatoes for seedlings in March and what the procedure depends on

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It is advisable to plant tomatoes for seedlings, and not immediately with seeds in open ground, so that their fruits have time to ripen before the onset of cold weather.

It is in March that the daylight hours required for growing plants are achieved. Therefore, the most optimal time for planting tomatoes for seedlings is the first month of spring.

When exactly and how correctly it is necessary to plant tomatoes and in what numbers it is favorable - is detailed in this article.

The need to plant seeds

The stage of formation of the sprout from the seed has the main influence on the plant's endurance and yield. A tomato seed planted in March has every chance of becoming a strong, healthy seedling, thanks to the required temperature, the amount of light, sufficient time from sowing to planting the sprout in open or protected ground.

The growth rate of seedlings sown with seeds in March is much higher than that of January or February.

Tomato varieties

Tomato varieties are divided into several types according to three main characteristics:

  • plant height (tall and short);
  • ripening period (early, middle, late);
  • the size of the fruits (small-fruited and large-fruited).

When to plant? In March, it is better to plant tomato varieties, taking into account their degree of ripeness and further place of planting.

In the first spring month, it is better to plant tomato seeds on seedlings.:

  • with large fruits;
  • for film greenhouses with an early stage of maturation;
  • with high stems (indeterminate), which are subsequently planted in the greenhouse.

In early March, seeds of large-fruited tomatoes are sown. The first sprouts will appear no more than ten days after sowing the seeds.

In a month and a half, tomato seedlings can be planted in a permanent place.

Varieties with large fruits include:

  • Lemon Giant;
  • Three Fat Men;
  • "Alsou";
  • "Honey Spas";
  • "Scorpio";
  • "King of Kings";
  • "Grandma's Secret";
  • "Orange";
  • "Bull's Heart";
  • "Igranda";
  • hybrids "Big Beef", "Alabai", "Azhur".

After March 15, it is recommended to plant the seeds of early tomatoes, the seedlings of which are subsequently planted in a greenhouse with a film cover.

Early tomato varieties include:

  • "Cavalier";
  • Minaret F1;
  • "Friend";
  • Pisa F1;
  • "Yarilo";
  • "Trivet F1";
  • "Blagovest";
  • "Kronos F1";
  • "Pink cheeks";
  • Sprinter F1;
  • Machaon F1;
  • "Shustrik F1";
  • Samurai F1;
  • "Funtik".

In the twentieth of March, seeds of tall tomatoes are sown. Their seedlings are planted in a month not in open ground, but necessarily in a greenhouse.

The characteristic features of indeterminate tomatoes are:

  1. high productivity;
  2. high requirements for the amount of moisture and nutrients;
  3. the need for support.

Since additional costs are allocated for the maintenance of the greenhouse, it is necessary to select only very productive varieties of tomatoes.

Tomatoes varieties are well suited for planting in a greenhouse.:

  • "The Mystery of Nature";
  • "Bugai pink";
  • Mahitos;
  • Sweet Cherry F1;
  • "Scarlet candles";
  • "Bull's Heart";
  • "Goose Egg";
  • "Scarlet Sails";
  • "Eggplant";
  • "Barberry";
  • "Daddy";
  • "Wild Rose";
  • "Krasnobai";
  • "Giant of the Moscow Region";
  • "Abakan pink";
  • "Pudovik";
  • American Elongated;
  • Grozdevoy;
  • Scarlet Mustang;
  • Casanova;
  • De Barao;
  • Eagle's Beak;
  • "Watermelon";
  • Sugar Bison;
  • Amana Orange;
  • Altai Yellow;
  • "Tarasenko 2";
  • Niagara;
  • "One hundred poods";
  • "Verlioka F1";
  • "Kazachka";
  • "Miracle of the Earth";
  • «1884».

The specific numbers for planting tomatoes are determined by the region of the country and the ripening period of the crop.

Terms in the regions of the Russian Federation

When can you plant, and on what days is it favorable and best to start growing tomatoes in March? You should start planting tomato seeds, relying on three main factors: the permanent place of cultivation of the crop, real weather conditions, auspiciousness of the day according to the lunar calendar, and the compliance of the variety. It is best to plant tomatoes, focusing on favorable days for a particular culture according to the lunar calendar.

To unfavorable days to sow tomato seeds for seedlings are those when the moon is waning. At the time of the full moon or new moon, it is not recommended to carry out planting work.

The southern region for growing tomatoes in the Russian Federation is the most successful. Until March 5, it is advisable to plant varieties of early tomatoes, and before 10 - the average ripening period.

A good harvest with proper care can be achieved in the Central black earth region and central Russia. What is the number and how can tomatoes be planted correctly? Until March 5, seeds of early tomatoes are planted, which are subsequently transplanted under a shelter. Seeds of seedlings that will grow in the open field should preferably be planted between 10 and 25 March. Tomatoes with an average ripening period are sown until March 10.

Risky regions for growing tomatoes in the Russian Federation are the Urals and Siberia.... But despite this, you can grow a good harvest even in these parts of Russia. It is better to plant tomatoes of medium and late varieties for seedlings in the middle of the month - from 10 to 22 March.

When planting tomatoes in the Urals and Siberia, it is better to be guided not only by the lunar calendar, but also by real weather conditions. And a more significant circumstance for landing should be the air temperature and the length of daylight hours. You should also carefully consider the choice of the variety. Some tomato varieties are completely unsuitable for growing in these regions. Their fruits will not have time to ripen before the onset of cold weather.

Tomato bushes in the Far East should only grow under cover. Seeds of early plants for this are sown before March 25. Middle and late varieties can be planted until the end of the first spring month.

Landing dates for the regions of the Russian Federation are approximate... In practice, it is better to pay special attention to the real climatic conditions inherent in a particular year.

According to popular beliefs, the signal for planting tomato seeds for seedlings is the flowering of a snowdrop.

Reasons for an unwanted landing

Tomatoes are a thermophilic plant... For the formation of a sprout from a seed, the formation and ripening of fruits, they need a sufficiently long time. Therefore, you should not plant tomatoes for seedlings in March, if the weather conditions do not allow: daylight hours less than 15 hours, the temperature at night is below 13 ° C, late spring with severe frosts continuing in March.

To nurture plants, you will have to make a lot of effort - to use ultraviolet lamps with additional illumination, to ensure the required temperature and optimal humidity. As a result, the seedling of the plant may die due to insufficient care. Or maybe, on the contrary, it will outgrow, since it will be impossible to transplant it into open ground in time due to late frosts. Overgrown seedlings outdoors grow painful and may even wither away.

By choosing the right varieties and planting dates for tomatoes, you can achieve high yields.... This will not only help to provide oneself with an environmentally friendly and useful product, but will also provide an opportunity to get financial profit by opening your own business.

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