All about black radish: composition, useful and medicinal properties, contraindications

All about black radish: composition, useful and medicinal properties, contraindications

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Black radish belongs to the Cabbage family and is a herbaceous perennial plant that grows wild and cultivated. It has rounded tops and roots with white flesh. Both parts of the vegetable are used in food, but still the latter are more often. At the moment, this plant is grown in North America, Europe and even Australia.

The fruit of a black radish weighs from 300 grams. up to 1 kg, has a bitter taste. This root vegetable can be eaten raw or fried, baked, stewed, and boiled. From the article you will find out what the chemical composition of the radish is, how it is useful for the human body and what it treats.

What is the composition and how many calories?

Calories per 100 g:Vitamins per 100 g:Macronutrients per 100 g:Microelements per 100 g:
36 calories, of which:A, RE - 3 μgPotassium, K - 357 mgIron, Fe - 1.2 mg
Protein - 1.9 gBeta-caratin -0.02 mgCalcium, Ca -35 mg
Fat - 0.2 gB1, thiamine - 0.03 mmgMagnesium, Mg, - 22 mg
Carbohydrates - 6.7 gB2, riboflavin - 0.03 mgSodium, Na, - 13 mg
Organic acids - 0.1 gB5, pantothenic acid -0.18 mgPhosphorus, Ph - 26 mg
Dietary fiber - 2.1 gB6, pyridoxine - 0.06 mgPotassium, K - 357 mg
Water - 88 gC, ascorbic acid - 29 mg
Ash - 1 gE, alpha tocopherol, TE-0.1 mg
Vitamin PP, NE - 0.6 mg
Niacin - 0.3 mg

Low in calories, this vegetable can be an excellent weight loss aid.

Benefits for the human body

Although black radish was not recognized as the highest vegetable containing micro-, macronutrients and vitamins, it still has a complex effect. It is important to know about its beneficial and healing properties for everyone who watches over their health.

For children

Parents give black radish to babies in order to increase their immunity, metabolism and appetite.

For women

The minerals and vitamins that make up the plant have a beneficial effect on women's health and have a positive effect on the attractiveness of the fair sex.

Vegetable consumption:

  • normalizes the menstrual cycle;
  • supports a healthy microflora in the intestines;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • makes the breath fresher thanks to the essential oil that is part of it;
  • promotes the removal of excess fluid from the body, reducing swelling.

Useful properties for men

The vegetable is especially useful for men:

  • tones up;
  • helps to maintain constant victories in the intimate sphere;
  • due to the high concentration of vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system, invigorates;
  • dietary fiber successfully removes toxins;
  • reduces painful sensations;
  • increases the level of natural testosterone (but only in combination with proper nutrition);
  • prevents baldness.

The body's reaction can be different: allergies, constipation, diarrhea. You should start eating a vegetable with small portions.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the fact that black radish has a large amount of useful substances, this fruit still has a number of contraindications:

  • ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, especially during an exacerbation;
  • enteritis, colitis;
  • an allergic reaction to a vegetable or an individual intolerance to its components;
  • gastritis with a high level of acidity of gastric juice;
  • acute pancreatitis;
  • gout;
  • recently suffered a heart attack;
  • inflammatory processes in the liver, kidneys;
  • heart diseases;
  • pregnancy.

Also, the fetus can have a negative effect on:

  • tooth enamel;
  • stomach walls;
  • nerve endings, causing excessive irritability.

Health implications

This root vegetable is useful if only it is consumed in moderation and prohibitions are not neglected. If you go beyond this line, you may see:

  • sharp and severe abdominal pain;
  • nausea, sometimes vomiting;
  • belching and colic.

Even boiled and steamed radish can provoke a severe attack. and complicate the patient's current condition.

Application in cosmetology

The beneficial properties of this vegetable are used not only for the treatment and prevention of diseases, but also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

  1. With the help of lotions from the pulp of black radish, you can remove freckles, as well as get rid of age spots. The procedure should be carried out until the spots disappear completely.
  2. The juice from the fruit perfectly strengthens the hair: it is applied to the root zone and massaged in a circular motion.
  3. Also, a mask made from grated vegetables with the addition of vegetable oil can get rid of acne, even out tone, rejuvenate the skin of the face and give it a healthy look.
  4. To eliminate bruises under the eyes, you can use a gruel of grated vegetable pulp, which is applied under the eyes and washed off after ten minutes.

Application in traditional medicine

From sinusitis

  • 200 g fresh radish puree.
  • 200 g flour.
  • 80 g of warmed honey.
  1. mix all;
  2. make cakes from the resulting mass;
  3. and apply them to the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses for ten minutes.

With a strong burning sensation, the procedure time can be reduced to five minutes.

From cough

  • 1 black radish fruit.
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of honey.

You can eliminate a cough with a tincture of radish and honey.

  1. Cut off the top of the fruit and cut out some of the pulp.
  2. Then put honey inside and cover with the cut top.
  3. The infusion should be kept for at least 6 hours, after which the resulting elixir should be drunk 1 teaspoon before meals.

Tincture effectively strengthens the body and increases its resistance to various colds, and also facilitates the discharge of sputum.

For hair

1 black radish fruit.

To combat brittle and weak hair, as well as to give it a healthy shine, you can prepare an effective mask. For this:

  1. take a large black radish, peel it and grind it in a blender or meat grinder;
  2. filter the gruel through the fabric and get the juice;
  3. rub this concentrate into the hair roots an hour before water treatments.

After a while, a burning sensation will appear. But don't be scared, this is normal. If you feel discomfort, you can wash off the mask with warm water. The session should be carried out throughout the month..

For the liver

200-300 g of black radish.

  1. We grate or pass a vegetable through a meat grinder.
  2. We squeeze out the juice.
  3. Then we take it three times a day, 30 ml. gradually increasing the dosage to 60-100 ml.

Treatment is carried out within two months... After a while, the course can be repeated.

For colds

  • 1 large black radish fruit.
  • 100 g of honey.
  1. We rub the radish and mix with honey, after which we put it in the refrigerator for 10 hours so that the mass is infused.
  2. After the time has passed, squeeze the gruel.

Take the drug five times a day, 1 tablespoon.

From hemorrhoids

  • 200-300 g of black radish.
  • 30 ml of vegetable oil.
  1. Rub the radish on a grater.
  2. Mix with oil.

This remedy should be taken 60 g two to three times before meals within 14 days.

From the hoarseness of the voice

  • 200-300 g of black radish.
  • 2-3 st. spoons of honey.
  1. We take a black radish and cut the top, make a depression in the pulp, and then pour honey into it.
  2. Cut off half at the root and place in a deep cup or saucepan. An hour later, the vegetable will begin to give juice, and it will accumulate in the bowl.

Take the product in half a teaspoon, as the required amount appears.

With cholecystitis

1 black radish fruit.

  1. Three or mince the fruit.
  2. We squeeze the mass through the fabric.

The resulting black radish juice should be drunk before every meal., every day on a table spoon. The treatment period is two weeks.

For hypertension

  • 200-300 g of black radish.
  • 1-2 tablespoons of sugar.
  1. Cut the vegetable into small cubes and sprinkle with granulated sugar on top.
  2. Then we wait until the black radish lets out the juice.

The tincture should be taken one tbsp. l. within a week, thirty minutes before a meal.

All of the listed treatments can only be used as additional treatments. to your doctor's appointment. When using black radish in the treatment of diseases, one should be careful, as the consequences can be serious. Therefore, it is recommended to promptly seek help from a specialist.

Vegetable alternative

Black radish is the most effective and useful remedy in the fight against many diseases. But white radish and green radish also have medicinal properties. They are milder remedies. These root vegetables ripen earlier than their black "sister", they are not so bitter, but on the contrary, their taste is sweeter. The juice of these varieties is also useful in treating ailments.

They are prepared in the same way as black radish. For example, if you need juice with honey as a cough remedy, then:

  1. a part with a tail is cut off from the fruit;
  2. remove the core;
  3. and pour in a little honey so that there is room for juice.

Read more about black radish with honey and how to use it for coughs here.

After 5 hours, the medicine is ready.

Anyone can use the unique properties of black radish for their own purposes: for the treatment and prevention of diseases, beauty, strengthening the immune system, losing weight and preparing new dishes, but nevertheless, before using it, you should definitely clarify if there are any contraindications to taking this remedy.

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