Olive tree in winter

Olive tree in winter

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Question: suffering olive tree

Hi, I have a very young olive tree (about 3 years old) in a vase. I live near Como, so, since there is a very cold winter, I'm keeping it indoors. In this period a new branch full of healthy leaves has grown, while all the old leaves have fallen and the old branches are dying. At home I have about 20 degrees and I water it when the earth is dry. What can I do? Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer: an olive tree in the apartment

Dear Marta,
the olive tree is a fairly rustic garden plant, which bears even short intense frosts; a young specimen can be grown in the garden, even in areas with a harsh winter climate, provided it is protected during the coldest periods of the year. Since your plant is in pot next year in winter you can simply post it near the house, in an area facing south, and in case of frost cover it with non-woven fabric. The plant kept indoors for the whole winter is suffering because the climate in the home is very different from the one outside, first of all due to the temperatures, secondarily to the air, which is definitely much more dry.
It is a Mediterranean plant, so the loss of foliage can also be due to excess watering, so check that the soil is always very dry between two waterings; if you find it always damp, avoid watering, rather it vaporizes the leaves.
In addition to this, a plant in the house is unable to receive light in an amount equal to that which it would receive outdoors, and in this case it produces new, very elongated branches, with tender and clear foliage. Right now you can't do anything but wait for the summer to be able to move the plant outdoors. Since he is living in a false spring, you will have to move him to the school gradually, for example starting with the hottest hours of the day; one day his position will have to be in full sun, but since the plant in the house has not enjoyed much light, move it outdoors to a partially shady place, gradually getting it used to sunlight.

Olive tree in winter: The origins of the olive tree

The olive tree has very ancient origins. The Mediterranean basin and some parts of the Middle East are the lands in which this incredible bush of unique beauty was born and developed more easily. From here, however, the shrub was studied, transported and cultivated also in other areas to enjoy its fruits and products derived from them. A further connotation regarding this plant is the symbolic meaning it represents. The olive branches have always been considered the symbol of peace among the communities, the olive tree is in fact the tree of long life and the very image of the Mediterranean landscape, its mild climate and the quiet life of its inhabitants. In particular, the Salento area is the land where the presence of olive trees is really impressive. The Puglia is dotted with olive groves and the products of the earth are precisely the delicious olives and the oil produced by them.